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$5 Amazon Gift Certificate – Lamar

$10 Amazon Gift Certificate – Robbi-Ann      

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The Parking Space –  Sarah and Christina

Begging Becky – Alissa

Temporarily Replaced – Lea

Pay Back Hell, Baby –  Samantha

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My Books Are on Audio Now!

I’m so excited. I’ve just finished audiobook production through ACX.  Posey Clifford, the narrator, performed exquisitely acting and reading each story. Perfect comedic timing, engaging and an excellent storyteller!

Begging Beck, Temporarily Replaced, and Pay Back Hell, Baby will be available soon – I’m thinking sometime mid-May.


The Parking Space is currently available in ebook, paperback, and AUDIO! We’ve just completed a quick Book Trailer for Begging Becky. Please watch and enjoy!

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Finally! Available in Audio!


Finally! The Parking Space is now available in audio through I’m interested in finding book reviewers who would like to listen to  The Parking Space a 2 hour and 44-minute comedy romance with a few steamy scenes.

A bit about the book: 

Can a stolen parking space, a punch in the face, and a wild birthday party lead a couple to romantic bliss?

Beth and Jake meet in a parking structure and slug it out over a parking space. Little did the other know the two were attending the same birthday party.  Sparks fly and hilarious disaster supervenes.

Jake is fascinated and intrigued by the petite powerhouse he calls Lips. And Beth is … well, Beth holds tight to a secret. A very dark secret that prevents her from entertaining serious relationships. And much to her annoyance, the man she calls Dick doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – nor does her own body.

Will he persist? Her body tells him to continue, but the words from her lips tell him otherwise. Fate has a way of bringing people together even when their least desirable characteristics are introduced first.

This is a spicy romantic comedy with lots of snarky dialogue, unhinged desire and some very steamy moments.  Content contains some very naughty words.

If you are interested in listening to The Parking Space audiobook and would be kind enough to leave a review, I would like to share a free audiobook code with you. I only have a limited number of codes available, not all who ask will receive a code.  Should I run out of audio codes, I can offer a free book in .mobi format if you like. Also, if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, The Parking Space is available there too!

Press Here or the Picture below for a sample of the Audio version.parkingspacekisdd


Cinders & Shards by Chandra Laraine


Cinders & Shards

I’m so proud of my friend Chandra Laraine. Finally, after working so hard, she has published her first book!  Below is a little about the book! Enjoy!
Reader beware, this is a quick, psychologically dark and dirty modern retelling of the Cinderella you know. When Cinders’ father has a stroke, her bright and shining world is tipped on its side. She tries to find evidence to support her gut instincts. But can she prove her stepmother, who has only shown her love and kindness till now, was really the cause of her father’s stroke and her subsequent sudden fall from grace?

They say some secrets are best left buried.

For Cinders, she wishes she could bury the things she’s done to survive. Being raised around a BDSM lifestyle taught her many lessons which are now put to the test. As a submissive, she knows she has the ultimate power, but living with a Domme bent on full control will test old boundaries and open new pleasures of the flesh. How could any man love what she has become?

Can a young woman on the brink of darkness find happiness in the light?

Will she ever find someone who can look past the hollow shell she has become and free the beautiful, vibrant woman inside? Or will her life continue as a cruel fairytale with no happy ending in sight?

Available Now! FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED: Pay Back Hell, Baby



I’m excited I’ve finally finished this short story: PAY BACK HELL, BABY.

A bachelor party, married men, alcohol, horny single men, more alcohol, strippers, very nasty movies, loose women and did I mention the smell of cheap perfume, grunts, groans and moans of sex in every room – what can a married man do?  Well,  he can’t NOT have sex…  We all know how this party ends.

Hangover, a guilty conscience, and a seven-year itch that’s just been scratched makes for …..confession time.
Oh, baby, bad move, man.

Don’t ever mess with an already neglected woman who’s just been cheated on. And god help you if she has a BFF like Jetta!

Book Review: THE PROMISE

Available Now on Amazon: The Promise

This one has it all. It begins sweet. All roses, hearts and unicorns, we learn the story of Jude and Jenni’s secret erotic desires for each other. But soon after, hold on to your seats, SHTF! That sweet love story turns into a violent darkness of mammoth proportions…. With one not knowing what the other is thinking, their ‘Promise’ to each other begins to waver… Keeping promises is not easy when a blast from the past knocks Jude sideways and sends Jenni running for her life. Suspicions, lies, and misunderstandings have both Jude and Jenni fighting to remember their Promise.

This is the author of Mending Hearts, she delivered then and has published this whopper now. This is another fantastic story was written by Shauna Marie. If you’ve read Mending Hearts, then you know…. The sex scenes are incredibly sensuous, the darkness is incredibly dark. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Promise Book one with free for ku added




Here is a quick update of what I”m working on and how things have drastically changed. Testing Boundaries was, at first, intended to be a short story, with part one and part two, together about 10,000 words or so…

As you know when writing stories, characters tend to get a little pissy.  I have a headache from their quibbling and occasionally to the out and out shouting matches. Currently, they are living in my head each trying to outshout the other with tidbits of gossip, lies, secrets, and betrayals. I say the juiciest of information always wins.

So, these girls: The Instigator, The Referee, The Bitch, and Beth are now relaying fascinating details and incidents I wasn’t even aware. Wow, imagine that…  So a 10,000 word short has morphed into well over 20,000, and I’m not finished yet.

LIPS and DICK will be sold under the New Adult category.  Oh, there is sex, but more so there is a real love story, an HEA.  I’ll continue to keep you posted and possibly upload a sneak peek or two for your enjoyment.

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