Finally! Available in Audio!


Finally! The Parking Space is now available in audio through I’m interested in finding book reviewers who would like to listen to  The Parking Space a 2 hour and 44-minute comedy romance with a few steamy scenes.

A bit about the book: 

Can a stolen parking space, a punch in the face, and a wild birthday party lead a couple to romantic bliss?

Beth and Jake meet in a parking structure and slug it out over a parking space. Little did the other know the two were attending the same birthday party.  Sparks fly and hilarious disaster supervenes.

Jake is fascinated and intrigued by the petite powerhouse he calls Lips. And Beth is … well, Beth holds tight to a secret. A very dark secret that prevents her from entertaining serious relationships. And much to her annoyance, the man she calls Dick doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – nor does her own body.

Will he persist? Her body tells him to continue, but the words from her lips tell him otherwise. Fate has a way of bringing people together even when their least desirable characteristics are introduced first.

This is a spicy romantic comedy with lots of snarky dialogue, unhinged desire and some very steamy moments.  Content contains some very naughty words.

If you are interested in listening to The Parking Space audiobook and would be kind enough to leave a review, I would like to share a free audiobook code with you. I only have a limited number of codes available, not all who ask will receive a code.  Should I run out of audio codes, I can offer a free book in .mobi format if you like. Also, if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, The Parking Space is available there too!

Press Here or the Picture below for a sample of the Audio version.parkingspacekisdd



Cinders & Shards by Chandra Laraine


Cinders & Shards

I’m so proud of my friend Chandra Laraine. Finally, after working so hard, she has published her first book!  Below is a little about the book! Enjoy!
Reader beware, this is a quick, psychologically dark and dirty modern retelling of the Cinderella you know. When Cinders’ father has a stroke, her bright and shining world is tipped on its side. She tries to find evidence to support her gut instincts. But can she prove her stepmother, who has only shown her love and kindness till now, was really the cause of her father’s stroke and her subsequent sudden fall from grace?

They say some secrets are best left buried.

For Cinders, she wishes she could bury the things she’s done to survive. Being raised around a BDSM lifestyle taught her many lessons which are now put to the test. As a submissive, she knows she has the ultimate power, but living with a Domme bent on full control will test old boundaries and open new pleasures of the flesh. How could any man love what she has become?

Can a young woman on the brink of darkness find happiness in the light?

Will she ever find someone who can look past the hollow shell she has become and free the beautiful, vibrant woman inside? Or will her life continue as a cruel fairytale with no happy ending in sight?

The Parking Space: Free on Kindle Unlimited

The Parking Space available on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited


Sneak Peek:



“Oh, god, I’m so horny,” Kevin whispered into Lena’s ear. “I want to slide my cock in you right now.”

“I know.” I purred. “Most guys do.” We were both dressed in robes leaving the locker room area. Jane couldn’t wait, she said her pussy was on fire. She left to find a room for us.

“What do you want to do?” Kevin asked, rubbing his cock, “Let me in you. I’m going to cum just being so close to your wonderful smelling pussy. I have to get a quickie in so I can last when we get to the real fucking.”

My heart raced. Jane had been screwing Kevin for the past several weeks, and he wanted me. Just the thought of Jane’s guy wanting to fuck me had my pussy gushing. But, I knew better than to let Jane see me have sex with her guy.

“Let’s do a quickie. I need a blow, alright Lena? Come on.” Kevin led me to a vacant room. It was dimly lit. “Come on, baby, I’m so hard.” He let his robe drop to the floor.

God, he was hard and long. As juiced up as my pussy was, I was ready to hump his leg.

Kevin’s eyes were dark with lust. He didn’t smile, he scowled. “Come here.” He was standing by the large bed. He was cut, tan and ready for a blow job.

I let my robe slip off my shoulders to the ground. The coolness of the air instantly made my large nipples hard. Kevin moaned. “Damn Lena, your nipples are long.”

I gave him a heated looked and stood beside him. Immediately his hand cupped my breast. He bent his head to take my nipple in his mouth. He opened his mouth wide to take my areola and pearl in. As he sucked and played with it, a shiver ran through my entire body.

I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. He moaned as I did.

“What about Jane?” I asked guiding his hand between my legs.

“Oh, let’s not talk about her.” He ordered. “Blow me.” I did, he came so quickly.

After, he pulled me against him, his hand roamed my body. “Do you like it?” I asked, nipping at his ear. “Is my body nicer than Jane’s? Have you always wanted to fuck me?”

“Watch how you answer that question, Kevin.” I turned my head to see Jane glaring at us in the doorway. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Lena?”

“We were going to get you?” I lied, putting on my best smile.

“Kelly and Beth are right, you are a bitch!” Jane yelled. “Did you fuck Jake too? No, you didn’t because he is crazy about Beth.” She sneered, “So you think you can fuck Kevin because we are here?”

Kevin stepped away from me and put his hand up, “I just needed a quick blow, so I’ll be good for the rest of the night.” He said, “Jane, you know how I am, I last a lot longer after my first come.”

“Kevin this is not about you. I don’t give a shit who you screw.” Jane confessed, “This is between” she paused to emphasize, ‘my best friend and me.”

“Jane, I just got excited and horny, hon. It was just a blow job. That’s all. It’s not like I want to date him.” I heard Kevin object but ignored him.

“Really, Lena? Quote Is my body nicer than Jane’s? Have you always wanted to fuck me? Unquote” Jane mimicked me. “You’re a fucking whore!”

“Hey, hey, ladies,” a dark-haired, good-looking man peeked in the room. “Can I help you?” He had a towel wrapped around his waist. His head was wet. He must have just showered.

“Hi, come in,” Jane said motioning him to enter. “Or are you getting ready to leave?”

“Uh, no my friend, Todd, and I are just getting started.” His sandy-haired friend stood at the other side of the door frame.

“What’s the problem?” Todd asked. “We overheard your discussion. No need to fight. Which one is the whore?”

I raised my hand and said hi. “Hot. What do you think, Todd?” They thought I was hot. I wanted them to stay with us.

“You want to be gangbanged?” His dick bulged out against the towel he wore.

I was dripping. Todd walked into the room and stopped. The tip of his cock peeked out, and he rubbed it. His eyes met mine, they were darkened with desire.

He got on the bed his towel discarded to the floor.  I was too hot to play games with Jane, this guy wanted me right now. I climbed onto him and let my tits dangle over his mouth. His large hands caressed my breasts. His head lifted taking a nipped in his mouth then he slid a hand down to my wet pussy.

His mouth took mine as he shoved two fingers into me. “Fuck me,” I said.

He rolled on top of me and placed himself between my legs. He grabbed a pillow, lifted my hips and put it under my butt. He leaned and balance himself on the one hand and guided his cock into my pussy.

I looked at Kevin, Jane, and the tall, dark-haired guy. Jane completely forgot our conversation. She was fingering herself. The dark-haired guy and Kevin moved around the bed stroking themselves.

“Are we going to take turns?” the tall guy asked.

They both watched, their tongues licking their lips in anticipation. They wanted a turn badly.

Once in, Todd didn’t ease himself deeper, he shoved into me roughly and moaned loudly.

“You’re a tight little one.” He said in a raspy voice. His hips moved his cock in and out of me. I tried to get up to sit on his lap, but he pushed me down. “No, my tight little cunt, this is for my pleasure.” His hips continued to beat hard against me. His mouth slightly open and his eyes daze, enjoying the rub against his cock.

“You like strangers coming in and fucking you?” he asked.

“I like it a lot,” I said breathlessly as my body was moving back and forth on the bed. Looking at the tall dark-haired guy, I licked my lips and said, “You’re next.”

“Look, whore, I’m not done yet.” Todd said now pounding faster into me, squeezing my thighs hard, “She’s tight, man.” His glazed eyes looked at his friend. “She is, fucking…uh, tight.” He stopped pounding and his cock spasmed inside me.  He rolled next to me on the bed, his cock shrinking out of his condom.

“Oh, my sweet little pussy. Move yourself to the edge of the bed.” He put pillows under me so that my entrance of pleasure was at the right height. “Well, look at that, soaking. Do you mind if I have a taste?”

I nodded, and his face disappeared between my legs. Oh, god the first swipe of his tongue covered my lips. He licked me from rim to clit. I moaned loudly. Blood rushed to my bud as he tongue sucked and rolled at my sweet pleasure pearl.

“Here,” I opened my eyes, and Kevin’s cock bobbed near my lips. His eyes darted to Jane before he spoke again. She was spread on a large leather sofa, her head thrown back, moaning and fingering herself. “Please.” He said quietly. I took him in and down.

Kevin groaned quietly, “Oh, god, take it all the way down, baby.” he begged. He leaned in more, so his meat hit my gag reflex. I jerked, and he pulled out. Kevin moved onto me to straddle my chest which made it easier to suck him.

The man at my pussy stopped. Then I felt his enormous cock enter me. “Oh, yeah,” he groaned, pushing in deeper.

“Keep sucking my cock.” Kevin demanded, “I’m ready, keep it up.”

I took Kevin into his base. “Sorry,” he jerked, pulling out of my mouth letting the cum dribble down my neck.

I heard Jane gasped and moan.

“Oh, that’s hot,” the dark-haired guy said as Jane came. He started pounding faster, and he had his thumb rubbing my clit. “Oh, I feel it, you’re cumming, aren’t you?

“Yes!” I screamed, and waves of pleasure released through my body making every cell quiver. The cock in my pussy slowed, he panted and spasmed and moaned with satisfaction.

Jane laid on the couch spent. Kevin, Todd and dark-haired guy laid on the bed with me. Todd sat up, pushed the button on the side table and order several drinks. “We’re just getting started,” he said with a wink.

The tall, dark-haired guy introduced himself as Rick. He looked at Jane and said, “Baby, you are one beautiful girl. Do you want to get our own room?” She nodded. I didn’t care. He had already fucked me first. They left.

Available Now! FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED: Pay Back Hell, Baby



I’m excited I’ve finally finished this short story: PAY BACK HELL, BABY.

A bachelor party, married men, alcohol, horny single men, more alcohol, strippers, very nasty movies, loose women and did I mention the smell of cheap perfume, grunts, groans and moans of sex in every room – what can a married man do?  Well,  he can’t NOT have sex…  We all know how this party ends.

Hangover, a guilty conscience, and a seven-year itch that’s just been scratched makes for …..confession time.
Oh, baby, bad move, man.

Don’t ever mess with an already neglected woman who’s just been cheated on. And god help you if she has a BFF like Jetta!

Book Review: THE PROMISE

Available Now on Amazon: The Promise

This one has it all. It begins sweet. All roses, hearts and unicorns, we learn the story of Jude and Jenni’s secret erotic desires for each other. But soon after, hold on to your seats, SHTF! That sweet love story turns into a violent darkness of mammoth proportions…. With one not knowing what the other is thinking, their ‘Promise’ to each other begins to waver… Keeping promises is not easy when a blast from the past knocks Jude sideways and sends Jenni running for her life. Suspicions, lies, and misunderstandings have both Jude and Jenni fighting to remember their Promise.

This is the author of Mending Hearts, she delivered then and has published this whopper now. This is another fantastic story was written by Shauna Marie. If you’ve read Mending Hearts, then you know…. The sex scenes are incredibly sensuous, the darkness is incredibly dark. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Promise Book one with free for ku added




Here is a quick update of what I”m working on and how things have drastically changed. Testing Boundaries was, at first, intended to be a short story, with part one and part two, together about 10,000 words or so…

As you know when writing stories, characters tend to get a little pissy.  I have a headache from their quibbling and occasionally to the out and out shouting matches. Currently, they are living in my head each trying to outshout the other with tidbits of gossip, lies, secrets, and betrayals. I say the juiciest of information always wins.

So, these girls: The Instigator, The Referee, The Bitch, and Beth are now relaying fascinating details and incidents I wasn’t even aware. Wow, imagine that…  So a 10,000 word short has morphed into well over 20,000, and I’m not finished yet.

LIPS and DICK will be sold under the New Adult category.  Oh, there is sex, but more so there is a real love story, an HEA.  I’ll continue to keep you posted and possibly upload a sneak peek or two for your enjoyment.

Akayla Furrows  IntialLogoAF


The Promise Available Now!


Here is another new release by my friend and author Shauna Marie. Her first book, you may recall, is Mending Hearts. The newest novel by her is The Promise. It is available now on Amazon.  Or the short link:

I’ve read The Promise, loved it! Review to follow shortly. I’m excited for her and you. Get this book if you are looking for adventure, romance, and suspense. Oh, I forgot to mention… Sex, hot dripping sex and lots of it!




(c) Copyright 2018 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve watched the whole season… these large, cut, dark, light, brown, bald, men strip off their uniforms to shower. Men, they don’t have a shy bone in them, when it comes to showing women their ass or cock.

Yes, I’ve seen these professional athletes, stroke themselves in the shower, inviting me to join them. How stupid do they think I am? If I haven’t rolled my eyes once, I’ve rolled them a thousand times this season. I’ve been with most of the guys for three years. Not one time have I taken the bone. You’d think by now they’d have given up. But that thing that dangles between their legs insists that no woman can resist their meat.

The outcome of the game determines the energy in the locker rooms. And the trajectory of their third leg.  The winner’s locker room is high on testosterone while the loser’s room makes menstrual cramps seem like a happy place. And each game the energy switches. I always hope to get the losers. They tent to be so aggravated and pissy, they don’t even notice I’m a gorgeous tall blonde bombshell.

Please, I’m not being conceited, I hear it all the time. I know how and when to use it.  Yes, I’m one of those bitches. How do you think I got this job, my looks alone? A little, but no, a little manipulating goes a long way.

Finally, the room is clearing, the hormones lessening and I see all the ‘let’s get it on’ eyes, hips and tongue gestures as they leave. It hits me finally, I’m getting dizzy from my constant eye rolling. Faster and faster the noise level dims, I’m waiting for my partner, Mike, to finish up interviewing with the coach.

I’ve been on my feet for the past hour and my calves are burning from wearing five-inch heels. I take a seat on the long wooden bench and sit quietly thinking about a warm bath, wine, candles and alone time. My ears perk at whispering around the corner from me. I pulled a long strand of blonde hair over my ear to hear better.

“Take it. Just find a girl that will fuck his brains out.” a raspy voice demanded.

“You know he won’t do that.  He won’t even shower with the guys.” a younger guy protested.

“Get his ass drunk, have the girl work him and find out what the hell he is hiding.” the old man grumbled, “It must be small or non-existent.” He coughs hard while trying to laugh.

“All right Mr. Carmen, but this is a waste of money.”

I hear a shuffle of feet, “I need that boy in my back pocket. Do. You. Understand?” the gravel-voiced man said punctuating each word. “You won’t want me to have a talk with your wife now, would you?”

“Hey, okay. No, just, please don’t tell her nothing. I’ll do it” the younger voice answered desperately.

“I thought so.” Soon I the locker room doors open then shut and a set of footprints pad back in my direction.  I quietly and but quickly rose and made my way to the coaches door leaning against it looking bored.

Around the corner, a young man, tall, lean, wearing a white t-shirt and well-fitting jeans stop suddenly when he saw me. He looked me up and down then gave me a cocked crooked smile, “Waiting for the coach?”

“No, my partner,” I answered. “Who are you? I’ve been covering these games for few years, I don’t recall seeing you?”

“Just recruited, but not ‘technically, yet.’ You know what I mean.”

I nodded, “Jill Boulder,” I said extending my hand.

He looked at my extended hand then took it, “Charlie Maser, good to meet you.” He paused then asked, “You wouldn’t be by any chance available tonight. The guys are having a celebration party. You’re welcome to come.”

I laughed more to myself. That line was not going to work on me. “I don’t date the ballplayers.”

“Whoa, I wasn’t asking you to be my date. Anyway, I’m married.” Charlie explained. “I have someone I want you to meet.”

“My mistake.” The jet tub, the bubbles, the wine, and candles danced out of my head. I wanted to see what this guy was up to. And I wanted to know which player he was going to screw over. I mentally patted myself on the back, this could be a very interesting story.

Temporarily Replaced: Dripping with Revenge, FREE EROTICA BOOK ON KINDLE UNLIMITED

My second book is out, Temporarily Replaced: Dripping with Revenge. I had fun with this one. As you know, I write quick short stories filled with titillating scenes… I don’t hold back. I tend to write with various kinks, why stick to one? A girl can experiment, right?

A little about Temporarily Replaced: Dripping with Revenge, by Akayla Furrows

FREE HOT AND SEXY EROTICA BOOK ON KINDLE UNLIMITED NOW!  Now AVAILABLE on AMAZON…if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited as I do, it’s there too!

Emma, a smart businesswoman, employed to place temporary workers on assignment suspects her husband’s sudden change in office hours of forbidden sexual encounters. His long hours, no interest in foreplay, much less sex give her no choice; She must take the plunge and find out the cause.
Nothing Emma could have imagined would have prepared her for this. Or how she felt about it. Could the object of her husband’s interest leave Emma dripping with revenge?