Ena’s Review: The Parking Space

TPSLegscoverAn entertaining combination of romance and humor.

Realistic and deftly paced with an admirably developed concise style and knack for capturing emotions driving difficult times, ‘The Parking Space’ is a light yet emotionally complex romantic novel peppered with humorous undertones and light-hearted ebullience that is infectious.

Fuming with anger at the Black sports car for stealing a parking spot, Beth later discovers that the handsome hunk driving the car she punched and messed with is attending the same party as herself. She considers Jake a selfish shot for his absurd behavior of stealing a parking space of a woman despite the disconcerting attraction that intensifies with every run-up into him. She is wary of any relation with Jake due to a painful past and keeps pushing the blooming romance aside.

Author Akayla Furrows intricately plots a character-driven romance that fights poignancy through the complex conflicts of fate. Tense conversations and hot sex scenes from the large supportive cast of characters around Beth and Jake drives the story forward unpredictably with several interesting twists that make the ending all the more anticipated and satisfying.

‘The Parking Space’ is a captivating 5 star read with intensity and liveliness that is worth picking by the fans of the genre.

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The Parking Space

Can a stolen parking space, a punch in the face, and a wild birthday party lead a couple to romantic bliss?

Beth and Jake meet and slug it out over a parking space. Little did the other know the two were attending the same birthday party. Sparks fly and hilarious disaster supervene.

Jake is fascinated and intrigued by the petite power powerhouse he calls Lips. And Beth is … well, Beth holds tight to a secret. A very dark secret that prevents her from entertaining serious relationships. And much to her annoyance, the man she calls Dick doesn’t take no for an answer – nor does her body.

Will he persist? Her body tells him to continue, but her lips tell him otherwise. Fate has a way of bringing people together even when their least desirable characteristics are introduced first.

This is a spicy romantic comedy with lots of snarky dialogue, unhinged desire and some very steamy moments. The Parking Space is geared toward New Adult & College students. Content contains some very naughty words.

The Parking Space is now available in audio. It’s in  Kindle Unlimited at  Amazon link   https://amzn.to/2GWWfGH

Audible link:   https://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/The-Parking-Space-Audiobook/B07CHVZDWP



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(c) Copyright 2018 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve watched the whole season… these large, cut, dark, light, brown, bald, men strip off their uniforms to shower. Men, they don’t have a shy bone in them, when it comes to showing women their ass or cock.

Yes, I’ve seen these professional athletes, stroke themselves in the shower, inviting me to join them. How stupid do they think I am? If I haven’t rolled my eyes once, I’ve rolled them a thousand times this season. I’ve been with most of the guys for three years. Not one time have I taken the bone. You’d think by now they’d have given up. But that thing that dangles between their legs insists that no woman can resist their meat.

The outcome of the game determines the energy in the locker rooms. And the trajectory of their third leg.  The winner’s locker room is high on testosterone while the loser’s room makes menstrual cramps seem like a happy place. And each game the energy switches. I always hope to get the losers. They tent to be so aggravated and pissy, they don’t even notice I’m a gorgeous tall blonde bombshell.

Please, I’m not being conceited, I hear it all the time. I know how and when to use it.  Yes, I’m one of those bitches. How do you think I got this job, my looks alone? A little, but no, a little manipulating goes a long way.

Finally, the room is clearing, the hormones lessening and I see all the ‘let’s get it on’ eyes, hips and tongue gestures as they leave. It hits me finally, I’m getting dizzy from my constant eye rolling. Faster and faster the noise level dims, I’m waiting for my partner, Mike, to finish up interviewing with the coach.

I’ve been on my feet for the past hour and my calves are burning from wearing five-inch heels. I take a seat on the long wooden bench and sit quietly thinking about a warm bath, wine, candles and alone time. My ears perk at whispering around the corner from me. I pulled a long strand of blonde hair over my ear to hear better.

“Take it. Just find a girl that will fuck his brains out.” a raspy voice demanded.

“You know he won’t do that.  He won’t even shower with the guys.” a younger guy protested.

“Get his ass drunk, have the girl work him and find out what the hell he is hiding.” the old man grumbled, “It must be small or non-existent.” He coughs hard while trying to laugh.

“All right Mr. Carmen, but this is a waste of money.”

I hear a shuffle of feet, “I need that boy in my back pocket. Do. You. Understand?” the gravel-voiced man said punctuating each word. “You won’t want me to have a talk with your wife now, would you?”

“Hey, okay. No, just, please don’t tell her nothing. I’ll do it” the younger voice answered desperately.

“I thought so.” Soon I the locker room doors open then shut and a set of footprints pad back in my direction.  I quietly and but quickly rose and made my way to the coaches door leaning against it looking bored.

Around the corner, a young man, tall, lean, wearing a white t-shirt and well-fitting jeans stop suddenly when he saw me. He looked me up and down then gave me a cocked crooked smile, “Waiting for the coach?”

“No, my partner,” I answered. “Who are you? I’ve been covering these games for few years, I don’t recall seeing you?”

“Just recruited, but not ‘technically, yet.’ You know what I mean.”

I nodded, “Jill Boulder,” I said extending my hand.

He looked at my extended hand then took it, “Charlie Maser, good to meet you.” He paused then asked, “You wouldn’t be by any chance available tonight. The guys are having a celebration party. You’re welcome to come.”

I laughed more to myself. That line was not going to work on me. “I don’t date the ballplayers.”

“Whoa, I wasn’t asking you to be my date. Anyway, I’m married.” Charlie explained. “I have someone I want you to meet.”

“My mistake.” The jet tub, the bubbles, the wine, and candles danced out of my head. I wanted to see what this guy was up to. And I wanted to know which player he was going to screw over. I mentally patted myself on the back, this could be a very interesting story.


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What’s Your Desire?


© 2017 by Akayla Furrows.  All Rights Reserved.

She whispered softly in his ear. Her breath warm and caressing, “Love, tell me what you desire?”

He closed his eyes, took in her sweet musky scent. Images played out in his mind. His ‘desires’ were dangerous, kinky, scenes with multiple women allowing him to do as he pleased. He wanted to experiment with the feel of each cunt as it squeezed his cock. He wanted to taste the difference, smell, compare each woman. She was not enough for him. No one woman was. His cock demanded variety, as well as his mouth.

There was only one way this woman might satisfy him tonight.  He moved so quickly fisting her long blonde hair and shoving her up against the wall roughly. “Listen, bitch. I have a question for you.” He grabbed her face with the other hand, then licked chin, cheek to ear and whispered. “Do you want me to cum?”

He held her tightly. Maybe she would bruise, he didn’t care. His cock was full, hard and wanted attention. But not the kind of attention little boys wanted. He pressed against her hard, “Answer me. Do you want to make me cum?”

The beautiful woman nodded, her eyes moist from pain. “Good. I have a couple of men outside. They are going to fuck you. Not me. You couldn’t get me off by yourself, cunt,” he hissed in her ear. “Do you have a problem with that? I want to see them rape you.” Her eyes widened in fear.

He loved doing this to women. Word had gotten around at clubs he was wealthy and a brutal fuck.  Women wanted it.  So he enjoyed giving it to them in spades. Clients were not allowed to disclose what fantasy he provided for them. Just that if they enjoyed it, they could recommend him.  This time he chose to administer an experience of being raped.  The fear, the brutality of it. A pseudo-rape paid for by the women he held against the wall.

His dark eyes narrowed seeing the fear in hers. Blood pounded and pumped throughout his hard cock. He hadn’t done this fantasy before. He blinked trying to focus, “You can scream as loud as you want,” He shoved his body against her, “there is no one around to save you. I hope you are not particularly fond of your clothes?” He growled and grabbed the collar of her dress and ripped it down to her hips. She was braless.

He grabbed her wrists and held them against the wall with one hand. Looking at the huge, hard fake tits, he leaned down and bit one. She yelled out in pain. Then he sucked on it enjoying the hard nipple against his tongue. He knew he had to stop or his cock would be in her so fast. So he stepped back and slapped her. Black tears ran down her face. Not so pretty now, he thought.

He stepped away to exam her. “Don’t!” he yelled as she tried to cover herself. “Don’t you fucking dare.” She stood there leaning against the wall, dress ripped and streaks of black down her cheeks.  She shivered but said nothing.


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© Copyright 2017 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.


Ronov carried me through the game trail, now becoming worn from continuous use. My skin chilled with goosebumps from the cold rain and wind.  Up here in the Northwest, there is no such thing as a warm rain even in the summer. I shivered in his arms, my face planted against his chest. His heart pounded from exertion, I wasn’t heavy, but he had been carrying me for about fifteen minutes. I couldn’t see the cabin through the brush, but Ronov knew the area well. “We’re here.” He said breathing hard while carrying me up the porch steps and into the front room of the cabin.

“I feel like such an idiot,” I said as he placed me down on the large brown leather sofa. I was soaked to my skin. My clothes suctioned to me.

Ronov took off my hiking boots and examined my left ankle. His touch was light and warm. I shivered and took in a deep breath. He gently moved my foot asking if it hurt. “Of course, it hurts. I stupidly wasn’t looking and… and” I breathed out and bit my lower lip hard. I could feel my eyes burning, and I wasn’t about to cry in front of him.

“Well, from what I can see, it doesn’t appear to be broken,” Ronov said looking up at me.  He cocked his head and furrowed his brow.  “We need to put ice on it.  Um, I grab some.”

Before leaving to get ice, he took a couple pillows from the couch and placed them under my slightly swollen ankle. I could hear the rattling of ice and the freezer door close. He brought me a ziplock bag of ice and handed it to me. I winced as I pressed the pack against my ankle and shivered at the coldness against my skin.

Ronov pitched a couple of logs in the fireplace and started the fire. He removed his soaked shirt and continued to feed the fire kindling. The flame grew more substantial, the light of the warm fire creating a silhouette of his kneeling frame. I watched as muscled moved, rippling through his tan skin. His arms broke twigs throwing them into the flames. Beads of water rolled down his back. He gave his wet head a good shake and continue breaking twig.

I was shivering from cold, the warmth of the fire not reaching me.  At the far end of the couch, a  blanket lay folded. I reached for it and pulled it up over me. My movement startled him. Ronov shook his head before standing and looked at me.  I continued to shiver and pulled the blanket up higher to my mouth hiding my chattering teeth.

“You’re not hiding anything by pulling it over your lips.” He stated crossing his arm. “We’re going to have to get you out of those clothes.”

“We’re? As in us?” I shook my head. “Please just get me some clothes, and I can do it myself.”

Ronov shrugged, then came back with a navy blue long sleeve sweater and grey sweatpants. “Do you think you can really do this by yourself?” He passed me the clothes, “Go ahead. Shout if you need me.”

Did I need him?  And then thought;  Do I need help? Do I want his help?  Did I want his fingers touching my body?  I shook my head and unfolded the clothes he gave me.

“I’m going to change in the other room. Let me know when you are done.” Ronov left. Soon I heard the water running in the shower.

Feeling better that Ronov wasn’t waiting for me, I began to contemplate how I was going to get undressed. Removing my top off was easy enough. His sweater hung loosely on me. I had to roll up the sleeves to have use of my hands.

The bottoms were more tricky to maneuver out of. Removing the blanket, I set it on the coffee table in front of the couch.  While lying down, I shimmied the soaked jeans down past my calves. I was able to get my uninjured leg out but groaned loudly as I tried to get the narrow opening of the jeans over my swollen sore ankle. While struggling, I hadn’t heard the shower turn off, nor the footsteps enter the living-room.

Ronov stood arms crossed and watched me with a smirk on this face. The sweater he gave me at least covered my panties to my upper thighs. I tried to give him the meanest look I could muster. He let a deep breath out and walked toward the couch.  “Here let me help you with that.” He insisted.

“It seriously hurts,” I told him harshly.  “I’m not trying to make a move on you,” I said through gritted teeth.

He looked at me oddly. “I  am so embarrassed.” I was exposed, vulnerable. My legs still showed bumps, and I shivered.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen women before.” He stated dryly as he licked his bottom lip. He took the cuff of my jeans and carefully moved the opening over my ankle. I watched as his tongue moistened his lips. My stomach clenched, and my own tongue copied his movement. He stopped what he was doing and looked up at me.  He gave that wicked grin, the one that says ‘I know you want me.’

Caught, I rolled my eyes. “You are one of the most conceited guys I’ve ever met.” I closed my eyes and shook my head then dropping it to my chest. I could feel the heat bursting into my cheeks. I was caught wanting. Embarrassed I reached down to my ankle pulled the jeans roughly over the foot. Pain ripped through my leg hot and deep and I let out an atrocious sound. Well, that took my mind off him.

“What the hell Sara.” And that grin was no longer on Ronov’s face.

I grabbed the sweatpants and clenched my teeth pulling the leg of the sweats over my ankle. Then the other leg and shimmied them up past my underwear to my waist. I fisted my hands and breathed through the pain.

Ronov sat at my feet at the end of the couch and stared at me. His dark brows furrowed. I stared back wanting so badly for him to be attracted to me. But he made it entirely clear he wasn’t and would never be.

“By the way, I have a boyfriend.”  that was a whopper of a lie. I’ve never had a boyfriend, never was asked to go to dances, and I had never kissed a boy. Not because I didn’t want to but because I never got the chance.

“Really?” He smirked. “What’s his name? We are here at the cabin, you could give him a call.”

He sat casually with his elbow bent on the armrest and his cheek in his fist.

“Um, his name is,” I cleared my throat, my heart racing at being called out. “Is, Rick, Rick, uh, Jones.” My voice squeaked up, but I raised my chin defiantly.

“Mmm,  Rick Jones.  I see.  How long have you know Rick?”  Ronov asked in an amused voice.

Why was I doing this, lying? Ronov knew he was hot. He knew he had a hell of a body.  And he enjoyed teasing girls with it. What bothered me was why?

I let out a deep breath and folded my hand in my lap. “Fine, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Ronov chuckled.

“No, you tell me something I don’t know.” I challenged. “Why are you celibate and why do you  enjoy flirting and teasing?”

For once he looked surprised, his light eyes wide. Then he turned his face to look out the large front window. He had a strong profile, straight forehead, and nose, his chin jutted out and moved in thought. Then he turned to face me.  “Why did Kyle hire you?” He asked. That was an odd question.

‘Wha…Wait. Why would I know? You don’t think I’m qualified?”

“No, no I just made it very clear I was looking for specifics in those he hired.” He paused, and his amber eyes searched my face. “And you…” He laughed. “Do not meet the criteria.”

“Oh,” I said now understanding what he meant. “I’m not beautiful and exotic like Dina and Jill.” That hurt. “Let me tell you something, Ronov Petrick. I’m a hard worker. Kyle saw that on my resume and that is why he hired me.”

“No, that is not why he hired you. What Kyle said was, he saw was a very sexy gorgeous female who flirted with him to get the job.” He lifted a brow when he finished. “At least that is what he told me.”

Confused, I blinked several times. “What? I flirted with him?”  I don’t recall flirting, then remember the insinuation at the end of the interview  I threw at him as I left. Had Kyle taken that literally?  Did her actually think that I was interested in a pleasurable learning experience?  I shook my head in denial. “He misunderstood me,” I answered.

“What would you do to keep this job?” Ronov probed.

“What the hell are you implying, Ronov?” That I’d sleep with him or Kyle. He was celibate and also not interested in me. He wasn’t the one to say he thought I was a sexy gorgeous female, Kyle did. “Kyle likes Jill, not me. Nothing is going on between Kyle and me.”

“But if there could be?”  Ronov asked. “I think he would take you over, Jill….”

My eyes darted around the room trying to make sense of what he was saying. “I’m not interested in Kyle like that. And for the record, I’m not interested in Bill or Tom, either. Or you.”

“Oh I think you are interested enough, I bet, to let me kiss you.”

“You’d lose.”

“I don’t think so.” He cocked his head confidently. “I bet I could do a few other things to you, and you’d allow it.”

Blood rushed between my legs thinking of the things he didn’t mention. My breathing sped up. I moved to bring my knees to my chest and groaned in pain. “Ow. Ow. Ow.” Breathing through the pain, my mind cleared.

“You know when I first saw you,” my voice harsh, “I thought you were good-looking, but then you opened your mouth. All I see now is a cocky ass-hole trying to get a response out of me. Why is that Ronov? What do you want from me?” I lifted my brow this time.

He stared not alarmed by my accusation. “What do I want from you, my dark-haired  blue-eyed princess is for you to understand that if I wanted you, I could have you, anytime.”

It was not that easy. I was a virgin, and he wasn’t. “Really, how many girls have you been with Ronov?”

“I’ll ask you the same question.”

“None, I like men. And not cocky ass-holes.”

“Fair enough. I’ve…” he paused thinking. “I’ve had a few when I was younger. What do you expect, I’m a guy.”

“Spare me the details, your dick has been around quite a bit, it is apparent.” I was sick to my stomach even thinking about this.  “And frankly I could do so much better than you.” Did I just say that? By the look on this face, I did. He moved closer to me on the couch, skirting my ankle and sat sideways facing me on the edge of the sofa.

I gave an involuntary tremble. I was afraid of what Ronov might do. If he tried to kiss me, he would know. Know I had never been with or kissed by anyone. And he would probably laugh.

My arms went up against his chest. I had just offered him an indirect challenge.

I said sternly, “Don’t even think about it, Ronov.” The shoe was on the other foot so to speak.  I had to ward him off. “I’m am Not giving you permission to touch or kiss me or anything.  Do you understand?” I finished breathing hard with fear.

He face drew closer to me. Fear gripped me, both my hands went up against his chest and shoved him hard off the couch. “Don’t even try,” I said forcefully. I was trembling.

Ronov landed on the ground, and he laughed. “I deserved that.” He looked up at me, his eyes bright with amusement. “Okay, I’ll stop.”

“You better,” I said narrowing my eyes. “Or I’ll leave…I can leave if you want me to right now.  If you are looking for a Dina or Jill type, it is not too late.  I’m sure you can find a replacement. But so we are on the same page, I am not a Dina or Jill type.”

His face turned serious. “I don’t want you to leave. According to your resume, you are more than qualified as an assistant researcher.” He cleared his throat. “But, just so we are clear, I am who I am. I enjoy teasing. You.”


He looked down at his hands, “I don’t know. Maybe it is the way you blush. Like you are so innocent… Maybe? I find it irresistible to me. Sorry.”

I need to clear that up, “Just because I blush doesn’t mean ‘I’m so innocent,’  it just means comfortableness. That’s all.” I lied.

“Okay,” he put his hands up in surrender, “but I still think you want me.” I do. Very much. But you don’t want me.

Should I go there…. I did,  “Okay, let’s say…what if… I was into you, what then?”

He laughed, “Oh, you are, no  ‘what if’s.”

He was impossible.


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