As you may have noticed  I finally have chosen a cover design for Beastly Voyeur. I finished book one of the series and was all ready to publish on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  I was so excited!   I’m really going to do it…Publish My Very Own Book! I was laughing while I wrote this. If I don’t see the humor in this, I will cry. Laugh…sniffle, sniffle.

I used Scrivener software to compile my book.  It was super easy,  although I had to watch over five videos to get ALL the steps needed to do it right. But I did! Yeah! It worked in Kingen Software beautifully.  The cover, too, title page, dedication, copyright info…blah, blah, blah.  So far so good.

Fun time. I’m going to upload my first book up to be sold on KDP.  I’ll be a real Indie Author…okay, I’m laughing with you…

Apparently, it is not that easy. The advise I was given omitted one itsy-bitsy, tiny, crucial part in the process of publishing on KDP.

What could be that critical…I upload my manuscript and book cover in one go. What was I missing?

A BOOK COVER THUMBNAIL    What? You mean the book cover I uploaded with the manuscript does not ‘automatically’ show up on Amazon as the cover icon? Sorry Charlie, it won’t. Nope. You are so screwed if you don’t this next step.

It turns out there is a tiny, itsy-bitsy, SIGNIFICANT step that you need to do in order to have a thumbnail book cover. UPLOAD A SEPARATE Book Cover.

Upload the same cover as the one uploaded with the book. The very next step under the part where you uploaded your manuscript is: Upload a cover.

This particular area seems optional. I didn’t feel it was necessary because I had the cover already in my manuscript upload. Well, it is NOT optional. It is a NECESSITY! Upload a damn cover. If you don’t have a cover made, you can use KDP Cover builder in the same area to make one.

So please take my advice; if you are a newbie, idiot like me. When you get to the part that asks you if you to upload a separate cover or build one. Don’t  think like me…Nah, it’s  already in my manuscript. Yes, yes it is, but it isn’t a thumbnail on the Amazon store for potential buyers of your book to see.

Okay, I hope this minor setback of mine helps those of you first-time Indie Publishers. UPLOAD A SEPARATE COVER.

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