My Cover Was Adult Flagged

Yesterday as you may have read, I forgot to upload my thumbnail cover pic to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). I (I hate this word I’m about to use because it bites me in the ass every time I think it or use it.)  ASSUMED  that the cover I uploaded in my manuscript would suffice as the thumbnail.  I  ASSUMED  wrong. I was put in the Adult Dungeon (explained below) as coined by Erotica Writers. Again I warn you to upload a separate thumbnail of the book cover after uploading the manuscript. It will save you a shit load of grief.

Above is the new cover and if that doesn’t work, I made another cover. Do no show any ass, tits covered with hands or ribbons (bondage…huh), too much boob or thigh, absolutely no sexual positions, and the list goes on. Where does one find this list – NOWHERE?  KDP  doesn’t put it in writing. Why? Well, think about it. What better way to  CYA if the public protests the images. Nothing is in writing, and your book will disappear from the general search  – (watch your sales, if they drop off, check to see if you’ve been flagged as adult content. Try this website: Sales Rank Express. , which makes it so easy to blackball your ass from the general search.

Bitter much? Yes!  What makes me most pissed are the covers with all that crap of no-nos I  listed above that were passed and put in the general search.  Do a search, and you’ll see. I call this FAVORTISM. The big seller can do what they please. While we startups get shit on.

So as you can see I ‘covered her as and changed the name of the book to include paranormal. Some of the advice I received thought the title may be another reason I was put in the adult dungeon. Beastiality is another no-no.  I’m fine with that. No one in my story gets it on with the ‘beast’/Bigfoot (obvious, right?).  Yet it is okay with the beast ‘transforms’ into a human. Then it is okay to fuck.

That is my rant for today. Well, see how this day turns out. I may be bitching again tomorrow. But right now I need a cup of coffee. I’m behind on my quota.

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Passed and shown, not filtered out.



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