One Sexy Man: CHANGING HIS HEART, Sneak Peek


Who is Professor Ronov Petrick?

Book 1: Paranormal: Beastly Voyeur

Copyright © 2017  by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.

Paranormal: Beastly Voyeur, Book 2 SNEAK PEAK

“What is so unbelievable?” Professor Petrick asked standing feet from the other assistants and me. Awkwardness flowed through me, sending me back to grade school when classroom presentations made me feel like I was going to be sick. I wished he would take off those dark aviator glasses, because goosebumps were prickling up on my skin from the unseen stare directed, I know, at me. This was it, he was probably going to send me packing.

And God, how I  needed this job desperately. The pay was outrageously generous. It was the only reason I took the position, thanks to my friend Jessica.  She had found it online and gave it to me that day after my panic attack which stupidly sent me to the ER, hoping this would fix my overwhelming problems.

With large student loans hanging over my head, rent, car loan payments and two more years of school left. Which meant I would need to apply for additional mega dollars to pay for classes, this job was a Godsend. And know I might just get fired. Shit. If I do…oh, I could feel the cold sweat bursting from my pores. I grabbed my hands to stop them from shaking. My stomach had plummeted. I knew this feeling, I was ready to have a panic attack.

“I-I’m so s-sorry, Professor Petrick.” I stuttered. And I was sure my face was twisted into a look which revealed how I felt. “It’s just… uh,”

“What?” he asked softly as he pulled off his glasses. Startled by his gentle words, I looked up. Then stepped back in shock.

“You?”  I whispered and thought of all the people to be standing in front of me- it was him. The guy from the hospital. The ambered eyed blonde that stood talking to my doctor about his mother. Blood rushed to my face remembering the conversation I had had with my ER doctor. How I yelped incredulously at his first conclusion that I was pregnant.

“You remember me?” I watched as one side of his full lips lifted in amusement. My eyes shifted to his,  they were lighter than I remembered, stunning against his tan skin.

Oh, I remembered you alright, I thought. Now. Without his sunglasses.  I would never forget those eyes. So odd against the mop of light blonde hair.  What I expected when he removed the aviators were blue, any shade of blue. I stared at their beauty. “Anything wrong miss, uh.”

Bill spoke up, “Sara, Ronov, Sara Fields.”

“Sorry, again, I didn’t expect – you.” I signed, “I’ll pack my bags. My apologies, I should not have called you…”

“Professor Bigfoot.” He grinned. “I do have a sense of humor, occasionally.”

“Would, by any chance, this be one of the occasions?” I asked hopefully.

“Call me Ronov,” He instructed,  “Professor Bigfoot is a mouthful, do you agree?” I nodded in agreement. My ass was safe today, but sooner or later my mouth was going to get me fired, I just know it.


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