© Copyright 2017 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.



© Copyright 2017 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.

Told by Beth Smith

“That ass!” I growled, gripping the steering wheel in frustration, “I’ve been waiting for that spot. Blinker on.  Waiting.” Ow, I needed to stop punching things. The steering wheel did nothing to me – That ass-hole in the fancy sports car did!

“Are you going to say something?” My friend, Jane Landers asked and today’s birthday girl. That was why we were here, to celebrate. And in good Jane Lander’s fashion, she enjoyed getting me riled up; Instigating shit. And I was, always, willing to go there.

The frigid air blasted through the window as I powered it down. A tall, lean, dark-haired man stepped out of the small foreign sports car. He was dressed in an expensive dark suit that fit him well.

“I’m a nurse. I can help you?” I asked and shivered at the cold air.

“What? I’m fine.” He said as he cocked his head to one side, confused.

“Not anymore,” I stated,  “Not since you took my spot, ass-hole,” I glanced at his car, “ Or maybe, it’s your vehicle that will need to be dropped off at a car doctor…”

“Hey Lips, don’t touch the car.” He paused then grinned, “Now give me a smile. God, your lips, hmmm,” the man bit down on his bottom lip and adjusts himself.  That sick prick, “Come on baby, show me some teeth.”

Fucking-A, I’ll show him some teeth.  He is was going to need a doctor! Cold air rushed at my entire coatless body as I got out of my car.

“Go get him!”  Jane cheered, anticipating the excitement to come.

Instantly I felt the tight pinch of my nipples harden from the freezing temperature. They rubbed against the thin red silk blouse as I stomped over to him. He noticed and licked his lips.  As I approached the offender, another man stepped out of the passenger side and decided to join in, “Hey beautiful.”

I ignored him and marched up to the well-dressed ass-hole. “You are a Jerk!”  I accused while poking him in the chest with my finger, “ It’s the holiday season, ‘Peace and Goodwill and all.’ What kind of fuck are you?” My words came out with billowing clouds from the cold, “Take a look, will ya, I’m a woman…”

“And a sexy one.” He added, “But, Lips, I’m just faster than you.”

No, I thought, I was faster. Pain radiated around my knuckles and through the bones of my wrist. I grabbed my hand trying to contain the pain. “Son of a bitch!” I cried out. I should have slapped him instead of, “Damn it!” punched him.

I looked up to see the damage. His long, well-groomed fingers rubbed his closely shaved face, “Not bad for a little one.”

“Fuck you!” I yelled. He was a wealthy prick and a waste of my time. I glanced down at my hand, and I hoped I hadn’t broken anything.

“Anytime, sweetheart.” then he said to his friend, “Can you imagine those lips around your cock? Shit!”

“You’re a fucking pig!” I said over my shoulder then got into my vehicle.

“Shit, Beth, he and his friend are damn hot,” Jane commented.

“Really? Is that all you think about?”  I asked as I sped away to find another parking place. The mall was packed with holiday shoppers, making it difficult to find a spot. Circling the parking structure twice I gave up and went to no man’s land, top level, and a long walk.  We’d just have to deal with the cold.

Thawing slightly as we entered the warmth of the restaurant, I searched for our friend Kelly Jones.  On my tippy toes, I spotted her waving arm.

“Excuse me,”  I said many times making my way through the crowd. Bodies bounced off me as I pushed through. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned. It was Jane mouthing something to me. I couldn’t hear her because of the noise level in the bar area.   Jingle Bells played in the background as I cupped my ear, shook my head telling her I couldn’t hear her. I grabbed her hand instead and continued to press my way through the crowd.

We reached the table, and I noticed we were the first to arrive. Kelly Jones said she had just received a text from our two other friends. They were on their way in to meet us.

“What happened to your hand?”  Kelly asked as I pick up a glass of water on the table. It was red and still hurt.

“She punched a guy over a parking place..”  Jane explained excitedly. Kelly put her hand to her mouth astonished. “And he was hot, hot, hot.” I shook my head and rubbed my knuckles after setting my glass down. I needed a drink to dull the pain. Where was the waitress?

“What happened after you…?” Kelly started to ask but was interrupted by our friends approaching our table.

“Hey, ladies!” We all looked up as Wendy Holmes, and Lena Rimms stood in front of us with two very tall males. Pain traveled through my jaw from clenching too hard.  There stood the guy I just punched and his friend.  A bit of red still shown on the man’s jaw, he rubbed at it grinning.  His eyes were bright with humor.

“This is Jake Spruce and Kevin Taylor. The guys I told you all about from our office.”  Wendy reminded us. She and Leanna worked at an engineering firm and had invited some of the guys to celebrate Jane’s birthday. I was going to have to inform them that they worked with a bunch of douche bags. And she brought the two biggest ones.

“We’ve met,” I said dryly still rubbing my knuckles again. Deep laughter filled my ears. I looked up to see Jake taking the chair next to me. “Really?”

“Oh yeah, really,”  Jake answered as he nudged me.  The warmth poured off of him, sending a shiver through me. He noticed and commented,  “Cold walk?”

I shook my head not believing the stupidity of this guy. “Are you crazy? I punched  you, and now you want to remind about the nipple biting, slippery, cold walk Jane, and I had to take to get here?”

His dark blue eyes glanced down at my breasts, “They seem fine now.” He observed. I closed my eyes and shook my head and let my breath out slowly. I was going to ignore him or punch, no, slap him this time.

Talking myself down, I remembered the real reason we were here tonight. “Happy Birthday, Jane! Feel like a cougar?”

“Ha ha!” Jane laughed. We ordered a round of ‘Sex on the Beach’ drinks.

“The drinks I hope will foretell the direction this evening will take,”  Kevin said while pulling a long blonde strand of hair behind his ear and giving Jane a wink. 

The drinks arrived and before the waitress could leave Jane said, “Keep ‘em coming,” and whirled her hand above her head and shouted, “It’s my birthday!” 

Kevin leaned into Jean and asked, “So I hear the birthday girl likes to have little fun on her big day. Is that true?” 

She leaned back, “Follow me to the restroom after of a couple of drinks, and you’ll find out,” Jane answered shimmying her eyebrows.  

The order after that changed to Long Island Ice Tea. Uber was going to be busy with us I thought and took a sip of my first Long Island of the night.


Today is my birthday…dah, nah, nah, dah, nah, nah, I couldn’t get that song out of my head. And I was ready to dance and party. The restaurant staff had removed the tables down near the bar to make room for the dance area.

There were two, uh, no, one Disk Jockey.  He was looking at his phone. I walked over to his booth, as sexily as I could, to discuss my birthday and the song I wanted to hear many times tonight.

“Hey handsome,” I drawled, leaning on the equipment table exposing the ample cleavage I had. “It’s my birthday today.”  I steadied myself, and held up one hand with two fingers and four on the other, “twenty-four years-old.” I grinned and flicked my long hair over my shoulders.

“Uh huh. What’s your name?” Mr. DJ asked flashing a smile, while his dark eyes enjoyed the view of my mounds.

“Jane,” I said still leaning on the table, I thought rather sexily. “And I’d like to make a request.”

“Really,  how bad do you want me to play this request?” He licked his lips and at my breast then my eyes and back again.

“Oh, you see something you like?” I giggled. “A fuck perhaps with my tits?” I asked him.

“Hey, that sounds like a fair trade.” The blonde haired DJ answered. “Come with me.”

“Ah, ha you said ‘come.’” I tossed my hair back laughing.  “Okie-dokie.” I agreed.

He held my hand and took me back to a private room in the restaurant. The disc-jockey locked the door behind us. Shoving me back against the wall he asked, “Do you just fuck anyone?”

He pressed hard against me and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I met it with my own, feeling it, tasting the rum and coke he must have been drinking.

His hand rubbed my thigh, squeezing it. “Ah, yes,” I said tilting my head back as he sucked at my neck. He inched his way up my skirt, heat rushed to my women lip and filled my walls. “Keep going,” I told him.

“I intend to.” He said while he fingers stretched the elastic of my panties to move his fingers to my clit. “I don’t have all night. I’ve got to work.” He moved two fingers into me. “You are so fucking hot and wet.”

“Do you think I’m ready?” His fingers moved down my slit circling my hole. He pushed one in and out, “Oh, yeah, ah,” He put three fingers in me, I groaned as he stretched my entrance. My hand worked his pant loose, still kissing him, I manage to let loose his cock. He was thick, soft, and smell of sweat and soap. As I stroked him, he moaned.  

He pushed away and pulled out a condom. His cock bob impatiently to be somewhere warm. As he pulled it on, I pulled off my panties. “Hurry,” he said his dick hard and straight. He sat in the armless chair, “Want a seat?” He asked pointing to his cock.

Straddling him. I pushed up against his dick with my pussy. Sliding up and down on it. “I’d  love to play,  but I gotta work. Come on.” I moved up a little, and he guided his cock into my hole. I leaned down and kissed him, slowly going down on him. Letting his thick cock filled him. “Ah, fuck me.” He said quietly. “Fuck me.”

“I am.” I rolled back and forth on him. His mass rubbing a spot in me, sending chills through me.  “Oh, yeah, right there.” I continue to roll on him a little faster, pressing down harder on him.

He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. “Faster, this has gotta be quick, baby.” He was panting, he warm breath blowing against my chest. “Yeah, that’s it. Faster.” He was concentrating on cumming. I could see the glazed look in his dark eyes.  “Oh, baby, keep it up. I’m almost there.”

I wasn’t, damn it! But I agreed so I could hear my song. “That’s right, oh, okay, oh,  okay.”  He was breathing harder, and his hands moved me faster, more urgent. “Yeah, ah,” he groaned under his  breath, “fuck.” He jolted several times in me then he went slack his head back, and a smile crossed his face. “I’ll play your song.”


This is the beginning first draft of an erotica short I’m working on currently.  Please make sure you sign up for my Newsletter. Keep up to date on giveaways, contests,  sneak peeks and more!


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