Temporary Quickies


© Copyright 2017 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.

Emma’s heart pounded as she watched her husband walk through the hotel doors. He was an incredibly handsome man. Women already looking his way.  Pulling off his sunglasses, shocking blue eyes search the lobby. She saw a young lady take a double look in his direction. He was tall, lean and elegant looking in his dark charcoal grey suit. He did not have his briefcase, Emma noticed. Business was not on the agenda for his visit here. Emma felt sick because she has known something was wrong with their marriage. And here he was looking for someone other than her.

Gary had recently been staying late for work and leaving quite early in the mornings. He was a banker, a nine to fiver up until a couple of months ago. Emma knew it wasn’t his secretary.  Lina Bollman had just left on maternity leave when Gary’s work habits changed.

The most plausible excuse was that maybe in Lina’s absence Gary was helping the temporary replacement with some work that needed to be completed. But now she felt that Gary may be having an affair with the temporary worker. So today she sucked down her fear and decided it would be better sto see for herself what he was up to, rather than dream up all the possible scenarios swimming in her brain.

Emma knows when Gary took his lunch, so she waited and followed him to this hotel. When he arrived, she saw he was on the phone with someone. She hurried into the hotel and found a place in the corner that allowed her to see the entire lobby.  She sat next to planters that held tall, large-leaved plants. They hadn’t had sex in months. She was too exhausted by the time she got home from work. Her work schedule was demanding. Placing people on temporary assignments, interviewing, documentation, verifying, attendance check and sales calls exhausted the hell out of her. Computers hadn’t made her profession easier, just less cluttered. People were people, unreliable at best. Names of back ups were needed when there were a no-shows, which happened weekly if not daily.

Gary nodded his dark head in the direction of someone. Emma followed his gaze.  She breathed out a long breath of relief. Gary walked over to where the short haired blonde man sat. The man got up and extended his hand to Gary’s giving him a card.

The blonde was as tall as her husband and built just and lean. They both walked together to the elevators. Where the hell are they going? She watched the numbers as they light up on the way to their floor. Three, four, five. Long pause, the elevator stopped at the fifth level. She waits to see if it would continued up.  Four…three…two…one, the doors opened and out walked a smartly dressed businesswoman, briefcase in one hand while the other hand smoothed back her short brown hair.

From the elevator next to hers, a tall grey haired man stepped out. The woman tossed her head and smiled in his direction. He winked back and gave her a sexy grin. Emma knew those two had been with each other. This was their rendezvous place.

She checked her watch. It was almost one o’clock, she needed to get back to work. When Gary got home,  she would ask him about his day. Could there be a woman up there with the men?  Could he be meeting someone here like that man that got out of the elevator?  She couldn’t exactly ask him why he was here, she was supposed to be at work. He would know she suspected something.  Somehow she needed to find out who he was involved with.


The rest of the week past as it had, Gary, working late and leaving early. She stocked the hotel she had found him a few days before, but he never showed again. Today was a particularly slow day, which was surprising because the previous couple of weeks they had been trying to fill several opening with a  large client of theirs.  A  stream of hopeful candidates filed through the office day after day. She was unusually exhausted.

“Sharon, do you mind if I take the afternoon off. I just need to get some  stuff  done around the house.” Sharon Dougherty was a friend and the owner of  Collective Temporary Services. She knew how hard Emma worked.  Never questions when Emma needed some time off. And anyway she didn’t do it that often.

“Sure, go.  I can handle it.” She said walking to the desk next to  Emma’s.  “You deserve it. Think  of it as a thank you for working so hard on the Colver Data Security order.”

On the way home, Emma was ticking off the list of things she needed to get done. Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and paying the dreadful bills. She let out a deep breath as she pulled up into the driveway.  A red Jetta was parked in front of her neighbor’s  house across the street. She knew they were out of town. She made a mental note to keep an eye on it.

Separating the keys on the ring to find the house key, Emma stilled. Someone was in there house. She stepped closer to listen.

“Oh, yeah, keeping sucking…” And it wasn’t her husband’s voice. She trembled with fear.  Someone was fucking in her house. She quietly pulled out her phone ready to dial 911 when  she  heard,

“I don’t want you to come yet. I  need more of you.” That was her husband. What the hell was going on in there?

She quietly walked around into the backyard and peaked into the slider window. She stood where they couldn’t see her, but she watches in shock what her husband and the blonde haired guy from the hotel were doing.

Both stripped nude and cocks stiff, dancing to the throbbing of blood filling them. Gary took the man’s face in his hand and kissed him deeply.  He stepped in closer, his dick slid up the blonde lower abdomen. What made Emma wet between her legs was the size of the blonde’s cock.  It was thick, much thicker than Garys.

After they kissed Gary said “Chance fuck me. Fuck me  hard.”

Chance stroked his dick. “How bad do you want me?” He asked. Gary was panting.  He took Chance’s  other hand and put it on his cock. Chance moved up and down Gary’s shaft slowly.

“Ah, I want you bad.  I need  your cock in my ass.”  Chance moved his hand around to Gary’s ass.

“Turn around,”  he demanded, and Gary did.  Emma stood there fascinated and a little hurt. Gary was that man’s cock in his ass. She watches he put on a condom and was amazed that it fit his rod.  He grabbed some lubricant that was on the coffee table and slathered it on.

Chance massaged  Gary ass, then spread his crack revealing the desired destination. Emma watched, mouth opened. Chance slowly pushed his head into her husband’s hole.  Gary moaned with pleasure making her even wetter. She was rubbing herself watching.

It took some effort to push in half way.  He pulled out some and pushed back in a little deeper. She imagined she was fucking her.  Emma slid her hand into her pant down to her soaked pussy.  As Chance moved his cock in, she slid her fingers in, then out and massaged her clit.

Chance’s dick finally filled Gary’s ass.  She watched as Chance grabbed Gary’s hips and shoved into him as deep as he could go. His head went back, his eyes closed, but he kept his rhythm, pulling Gary’s  ass to him as he pounded in.

“It’s been fun breaking you in.” Chance said pounding faster. Emma fingered her clit more quickly, she was panting, tighten, feeling the flood of the euphoric surge her body. She bit her lower lip trying to stop herself from screaming out. Her body trembled violently. It has been too long since she had an orgasm. Her legs weak, she slid into one of patio chairs careful not to make any noise.

She couldn’t see them now. She was still breathing hard. But she heard their bodies slapping together. Chance moaned loudly. The slapping stopped. He must have come.

She let her head fall back and enjoyed the satisfaction an orgasm brought her. Her breathing was normal. Then she remembered her car was parked in the drive. She quietly hurried to her car and drove away. Thank god for electric vehicles.

Emma kept her knowledge secret and made no attempt to make sexual advances toward her husband. Nor did he show any interest. The question was there marriage salvageable based on what she knew. Gary was cheating on her even if it was not with another woman. Was it just sex or did he love this blonde thick dicked man named Chance? And why could she not stop thinking of him? The memory of her orgasm filled her with sexual longing. She wanted to be fuck. She wanted a huge thick dick to fill her. She wanted to feel the warmth of a sizeable capable tongue penetrating her, licking her and sucking her. She believes she wanted her husband’s lover.

She remembers his massive thick cock.  His hand grabbing, pulling Gary’s hips, shoving all his mass into him.

“Emma?  Are you okay?” A quick gasp escaped her lips as her pussy filled throbbed. She blinked a couple of times and nodded. “Was it that good?”  Sharon asked with a grin.

Emma  cleared her throat, “I’ve gotta tell someone.” She whispered. “I can’t  get it out of my mind.”

“What is it?” Sharon’s warm brown eyes looked concerned.

Sharon was a few years older than Emma, like a big sister to her. Emma was Sharon’s first employee. They had worked side by side for eight years.  Sharon had seen Gary court Emma then had gone to their wedding. She was a close family friend. And she was Emma’s best friend.

“Can we go out to  happy hour after work?” Emma asked. “I really need to talk about something. I can’t hold it in much longer.”

“Sure,  sure.”

She met Sharon at a local bar frequented by college students. The tavern served horderves, $1.50 well drinks and allowed vaping. Through the crowd, she saw Sharon’s slim, tall figure make her way to Emma’s  table.  The place was packed. She had ordered about of well drink for each of them, because she didn’t know how long it would take for the waitress to get back around to them.

“Lot’s of guys were checking you out.” Emma teased.  And they were. She was a  blonde beauty. Clear, smooth skin, large brown eyes and full lips that often smiled at strangers.

“I’ve about ten years too old for them.” She rolled her eyes. As horny as Emma was feeling now, she would quickly accept taking one of them to the bathroom stalls with her. She wanted to have that orgasm again. Over and over.

“You’re not a cougar yet, Sharon. Look at these hard bodies.” Emma’s eyes roamed around the room and stopped at a table with a blonde man fiddling with his drink. Her heart sped up, heat flooded between her legs. It was Chance.

Sharon noticed Emma’s  demeanor change and looked at the man that had caused it. “Who’s that? You know him?’ Sharon asked looking at Emma with concerned again.

“No, but that is what I wanted to talk to you about,” Emma replied.

“What is it? Tell me.” Sharon pushed.

Emma let out a long breath reluctantly turning her attention away from Chance. “Gary is having an  affair.” She blurted out. “With that man.” Emma jerked her chin in the direction of where Chance was sitting.

“You are fucking kidding me.” Sharon hissed. “No way.” She said then took an of her drink.

“Yes, he is. I saw them.” Emma confessed. She knew what Sharon was going to ask and answered before she could. “Gary doesn’t know I know. That day I came home early, they were fucking in our living room. I watched the whole thing.”

“Sweet mothers of god. No wonder you have been acting strangely. For a minute there, I thought you may be pregnant.” Sharon said, “I can’t believe Gary would do that to you. That bastard!”

“Sharon, we haven’t had sex in months. I don’t know what to do.”  Emma said rubbing her forehead. “I  had lost interest in sex. I’ve been too busy or tired of being interested in it. But after seeing  them together….” Emma blushed just thinking about how she made herself cum.  How could she tell Sharon she is now desperately interested in being with the man she saw fucking her husband?

“What?”  Sharon asked confused.

Emma took a deep breath, “I want him.”

“Then confront Gary and tell him you want him. That you….”

“No.” Emma interrupted her. “I want him.” Emma motioned with her eyes toward the man they were just looking at.

Sharon’s eyes widened and darted between Emma and the man across the room. “Are you being serious right now?”

Emma  looked her straight into her eyes and said, “As serious as a fuck.”

One side of Sharon’s mouth began to curve mischievously. “Why don’t we go over there and introduce ourselves?”

Emma felt like a schoolgirl going to talk to her big crush. Butterflies flapped against her stomach muscles making her giddy. She ran her hands down her skirt to removed the nervous moisture from them. Sharon spoke first.

“Hi, I’m Sharon and this Emma. We saw you sitting here alone and wondered if we could buy  you a drink?”

Light brown eyes moved from Sharon’s face to Emma’s. His eyes lingered on her a little too long making more uncomfortable about coming over to him. Then he flashed a killer smile at them.

“I’m Chance.” He pointed for us to take a seat. As we did, he continued to eye Emma.  “Do I know you?” He asked me.

Emma blink and her mind reel back to that afternoon he was with her husband. They had not known she was there. Chance hadn’t seen her, he was concentrating on fucking her husband. She shook her head, “No, I don’t think so.” Then looked at Sharon puzzled.

“I never forget a beautiful face. Are you sure we haven’t met?”

Emma closed her eyes and lifted my brows. Then opened them again. “Are you flirting with me?”

“You’re married, I can see that.”

“I’m going to get us some drinks.” Sharon said winking at me, “I’ll be back.” She wandered through the crowd to the bar.

“So? Why do you look so familiar?” Chance asked. Emma shrugged dumbfounded for words. Then asked, “How married are you?”

Her eyes flew open wide. Chance was … interested in her! She cleared her throat before answering. “I need to use the restroom….” She said looking him straight into his eyes, “You can follow me and find out.” She couldn’t believe she just said that.  She basically asked him to come and have a fuck with her in the bathroom.

He gave her a cocked grin and said, “Baby, lead the way.” Emma’s breathing came hard and her pussy pulsed, making it difficult to concentrate. She was going to have the thick cock she desired. All she could see in her mind was his dick. He was good-looking, tall, blonde and tan, but it was his bulge she now saw that grabbed her attention. He got up and moved his hand to his lump and adjusted it. “It wants you bad.” He whispered in her ear as she walked past him. His hand went to her, then slid down to her ass, he gave it a rough squeeze.

She leaked unto her panties. It wouldn’t take much tapping to make her cum. She was already breathing hard.  Her pussy throbbed for Chance’s cock.

Emma checked the ladies room, empty and pulled him in. He grabbed her face and brought his soft full lips to hers. His tongue searched and tangled with hers. His hand moved to her breast rubbing and squeezing it hard.  Emma’s hand traveled down his shirt and slid into his jeans.  Another gush of wetness came from her.  She breathed hard as his lips moved down to her neck.  He slipped under her skirt and panties.

“Ah, you really  want me.”  He stated while his finger found her clit.

“Oh, god…please….”  Emma moaned out. “Pull it out.”

He pushed her into the stall and locked the door. He unzipped his pant and release his hard thick dick.

Emma licked her lips as her eyes fixated on his shaft. Goose pimples flooded her skin sending a shiver through her. Her heart pounded faster with anticipation. She was finally going to feel his thick hard cock inside her.

“I know who you are.” He said stroking his cock. “I know who you are now.” He grinned then bit his bottom lip in the pleasure he was giving him.

Her eyes flew up to meet his. Then furrowed questioningly. “I’ve never met you.” All she could think about was his dick. What the fuck was he talking about.

“Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your husband loves my cock too.” He gave a low laugh.

She didn’t know what to say.  Should she pretend, she didn’t know about him and Gary or get pissed? She wanted that rod to fill her. “I enjoyed watching you fuck him in the ass.” She admitted to her voyeurism.

“Then I think we should take this little party back to your place. And make your  husband watch us.”

Now that wasn’t a half bad idea. But Emma’s pussy complained it throbbed with want. Emma tried to steady her breathing. “Did I hear  you  right?” It was Sharon she had quietly let herself into the lady’s restroom. “Leaving without me?”

Chance laughed while putting his fat cock back into his pants. “So  Sharon you want to join us?”

He asked opening the stall door.

Emma couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Sharon was into group sex. Emma had never suspected it nor had she, herself, ever tried it. But she was so turned on by the desire she had for Chance’s dick she was game for anything. As long as it meant Chance would fill her.  And she said so,

“Okay, my place, but you,” Emma said as she shoved a finger into Chance’s chest, “are going to cum in me and only me.”

He slid his hand under her skirt again. His finger slowly moving on my clit. Emma wrapped her arms around his neck pressing against him hard,  making it easier to for him to shove two fingers and out of her. She moaned, but he stopped her with his mouth. Kissing her while his other hand squeezed her ass bringing her up and little more so he could finger her faster.

“I’ll wait outside,” Sharon announce.

Chance slid in and out of her, kissing her, squeezing her. “Do you want me to make you cum right now? I can,  you know. You fill me in you.” He whispered in her ear.  Then place his tongue into it. “You are so wet.  My  cock wants to come out right now and fuck you so hard.” He against her showing her how hard he was.  “Baby, I ask you do you  want to cum right now?”

Emma was almost there. Pressure built between her leg as his fingers slipped in and out of her. It wouldn’t take much, then he did it. He began tapping at her swollen hard clit. Each quick flick sent energy through her, building. “Oh,  keep it up to Chance….please.”

Emma’s  hips pumped against his hand, she was fucking the air with her hips. He was flicking, tapping at her faster and faster until white-hot sensation traveled down to her toes then exploded in her pussy. Before she could call out in a release his lips covered hers, and he stuffed his tongue deep into mouth, probing then sucking her bottom lip as she finished her last shudder. “How was it?”

Her arms still around him, she let him carry her weight until she came to her senses. “Can we still go to my place?” She asked against his chest.

He laughed, “Baby, that was just foreplay.”


Emma told Chance to go on ahead of them but not to tell Gary that she and Sharon were on their way. “Sharon isn’t this going to be weird? I mean we work together and now having sex….”

“Come on. I need it just as bad as you. Are you seriously going to deprive me?” Sharon said rolling her eyes while we waited in the car outside Emma’s house. Chance has already gone in.

“If you are sure? I intend to fuck Chance in front of my husband.” Emma explained.

“Will you let Gary slide in and out of me? Just for tonight. I need it right now.  I’m soaked.”

“You want Gary’s cock?” She didn’t know how she felt about that. She wanted to torture Gary for having an affair. And now, she was going to stand by while he fucked her friend and boss.

Sharon saw the concern on Emma’s face. “Hey, I don’t want Gary like that. It is just a fuck to me. But if you prefer we can tie Gary and make him watch.”

Emma liked the sound of that. Make Gary suffer a bit.


Emma and Sharon entered the house and found  Gary shirtless and Chance massaging his neck.  Gary turned to Emma with big eyes. “What is going on here?”

Sharon past Gary on her way to the garage, while Gary continued to gape at his wife. “Keep him in the chair Chance,” Emma ordered. “Don’t move Gary. I know all about you and Chance. I watched him fuck you. I watch you meet him at the hotel and go up to the fifth floor.  I  know why you have been working late and leaving early. All to be with Chance. Well, tonight things are going to be different.”

Sharon returned with rope. “You are going to sit here and watch.” Chance grabbed Gary’s hand and pulled them behind the back of the chair.

“Hey, what do you guys think you are doing? Emma?” Gary fussed. Sharon and Emma made quick work in wrapping and tying up his wrists.

“Wait, let’s remove these.” Chance said unzipping and pulling off Gary’s pants and briefs. Emma and Chance tied Gary ankles while he protested.

“She is mine!” He was growling at Chance. “Don’t touch Emma. I mean it, Chance.”

“You may or may not feel how I felt when I saw you and him together.” She remembered the orgasm and the betrayal. The please and the pain. Emma went to the kitchen grabbed a dish towel came back and gagged Gary. “I didn’t protest when you were having fun.  And you not while I have my  fun.”

Emma boldly unbuttons her blouse and let the silk slip from her shoulder to the ground. The loss of fabric covering her skin chilled her. Gary quieted and watch.

Chance had already removed his shirt before she came in. He now moved behind her. The warmth of his hands made her shiver slightly as they traveled to her breast. He plucked the fronts snaps of her bra.  The elastic sprung back exposing her hard nipple tits. The pressure of his hand burnt across her skin as he squeezed her breasts then removed her bra.

Emma noticed that Gary was getting excited. He long dick stiffening. Sharon undress, she was breathing hard.

Sharon straddled Gary’s then seated herself, so his cock just touches her crotch. She held onto the chair moving her hips, so her thick blonde bush rubbed against her.

Chance whispered in Emma’s  ear, “Let her have all of him.  She needs it too.”  She moaned as his hands traveled back down to her hips pulling off her skirt and panties. She stood there naked and wanting. He picked up her panties and showed Gary, “You’ve been neglecting your wife. I’m  going to  fill her tonight.”

Chance moved behind  Sharon as she continued to rub against Gary. “Here, like this…”  He grabbed her ass, lifted it, then took Gary cock and placed it near her hole. “Sit on it. Go very slow.”


Emma watched as Sharon went down on Gary’s cock. She moaned loudly. Her head fell back as her long blonde hair hung loose. Chance stepped away, and I watch as she slid up and down her shaft. He was so hard. She moved up and down slowly exposing most of his cock then sliding back down on it.

Gary couldn’t do anything. She tortured him slowly. Sliding up and down, she slipped the gag off him, and he begged.  “Sharon, faster, please.”

“Shhh,” She bent down and kissed his lips still pumping slowly. Emma was becoming impatient, she wanted to sit on Chances cock.  His dick was also rock hard and so thick. She moved her hands between her legs and stuck her finger in as Sharon came down Gary’s long shaft. As she lifted, Emma pulled out and massaged her clit. She watched finger fucking herself. Her eyes glued to Sharon’s ass and Gary’s dick.

“Do you want your wife?” Sharon asked him.

“No,” Emma said, she wanted to fuck  Chance, “sit on the chair, Chance. Now.” Emma commanded. Chance moved the chair near Sharon and Gary and sat. He reached over and played with Sharon’s clit. She bucked her hips while she was halfway down Gary cock.

I straddled Chance’s chair and moved his hand off of Sharon and between my legs. “You are fucking dripping, just like in the restroom.” He observed.

“What?” Gary asked.

“I finger fucked her in the restroom today.” Chance laughed. “Now  I’m going to fuck  her with my cock.” He moved his hand to her waist guiding her down onto his dick.

Emma wiggled to fit him in. At first, she had to quick pump his purple head just to get him pushed in. Once he was in, Emma let gravity help as she slid down slowly. She had him all the way in,  her clit rubbed against him. He sucked on her tits as his hands guided her back and forth rubbing to and fro against him. “Feel that? Your clit loves this, your walls are reacting. You feel so good on  me.”

Sharon undid Gary’s ties Emma watched as he removed her from his cock. “Bend over and hold the chair,” Gary said. “Now I fuck you.” Sharon spread her legs and bent over, her hands on the chair. He came up behind her holding his dick then slipping a little found her hole. Grabbing her hips, he slammed into her a few times, “Oh, ah, yeah, that’s more like it.” He pounded into her, their skin slapping together.

Chance grabbed my hips and proceeded to move me up and down his cock at the same speed as Gary’s hip moving in out of Sharon’s pussy.  Emma accepted as Chances thick dick rubbed hard against her inner walls. Tingling traveled through her pussy down to her toes, she knew this feeling, a huge orgasm was about to be released. She pressed harder against him and moved faster, panting. “Oh, oh, yes.” She closed her eyes, as the current overtook her body, “Ah! Oh, ah! I’m cumming.” Her walls contracted as she still slid over Chances cock.

“Baby, I’m right with you. Fuck!” Chance groaned. She felt his enormous cock release several times, and hers convulsed around him. “I thought I could last longer, but you turned me on too much. I got too excited.”  He breathed, “Next  time..”

Gary slammed on last time into Sharon ass and stayed there, jerked and moaning in pleasure. Sharon slumped slightly from her orgasm.



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