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© Copyright 2017 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved.


“Where have you been?” I know the answer, Jane was probably fucking someone. I love her, but we all know she has a severe problem with sex.  We don’t get it, but we also don’t judge. So we watch after her.

“Making surrre,” She slurred, “that myyy song gets pwayed.” She swayed and giggled. I shook my head, if she isn’t instigating something, she is screwing something.

The birthday song began, and Jane’s head snapped up, “This song is for an exceptional girl here tonight celebrating her twenty-fourth birthday.  Happy birthday, Jane!” The DJ announced. Jane raised her hands above her head and scream, jumping up and down to the music. Kelly, Wendy, and Lena found in the crowd on the floor, and we all danced together.

“Happy birthday!” we all said in unison.

Jake and Kevin found us and danced with us. Kevin picked up Jane and twirled her around. Jane slid down Kevin’s chest. Her hand continued down to his junk, which she massaged. He held her close grinding into her.  As I watched them, blood flood into my pussy. I thought I was above this, but the outline of Kevin’s cock got me wet.

Alcohol clouded my better judgment and desire demanded to be fed. Hunger pulsed through my abdomen and down to my clit. I began gyrating my hips.  It was hot in the crowd. I wasn’t thinking straight. A hand grabbed my wrist and took me down a hall and into a private banquet area. The room was dark and secluded.

“Well, Lips,” Jake’s voice whispered to me, “I’ve never done something like this. But you, you turn me on.”

I got up on my tippy toes and faced him, “You think you alone can satisfy me?” I asked tauntingly.

His voice was hoarse, “Is that a challenge?”  He asked and grabbed my ass and pulled me toward him. I could feel his bulge against me.

How easy it would be to do something irresponsible, fuck a guy I only met. Jane did it all the time. Lena and Wendy on occasion. Kelly and I were the responsible ones. We got everyone home safe.  Voiced interrupted my thoughts.

“Someone is coming,” Jake said and pulled me behind a table.  We crouched down in time when two people walked into the room. We silently watched.

“Oh god, I never thought we’d  get away from the girls,” a man’s voice whispered. The light from outside shone through the window spotlighting the intruders. Two men held each then kissed passionately.

“When are you going to tell Maria you are bisexual?” The taller of the two men asked stroking the other’s face.

“I told you already, I can’t.  Her dad would fire me.” Said the shorter man unbuttoning the taller man’s pants, “not only that, he would kill me. Are you trying to get me killed?”

“I would never…,” said the taller one, “uh, yeah,” he moaned, as his boyfriend downed him. “oh, you are going deep…” the man’s cock disappearing then glistening in the light. Shit, this was really turning me on. I even thought about moving my hand to my crotch.

The taller man’s head went back when the lights to the room flickered on. A thin, long-legged Latina girl entered the room, a little wobbly on her stilettos.  “Juan! I knew it!”  the girl shouted.

Juan stood up while the taller man calmly stroked his thick cock. I imagined how the man’s  thick long dick would fill me. I bit my lip to stifle a moan. I looked over at Jake who watched me with a grin. Heat raced to my face in embarrassment.

“Juan,” Maria pulled out a chair, “sit your ass down here,” she commanded.  “Micheal, you need to leave.”

“I don’t think so,” Micheal sneered, “I don’t take orders from a cunt.” He walked over to her, his cock rock hard and grabbed one of her arms and pulled it behind her. With the other hand, he held a fist full of hair.

“Juan, stop him,” she whimpered, “He’s hurting me.” A mischievous smile crossed  Juan’s face.

“Do you remember what you wanted me to do to you last weekend?” Juan asked Maria. “I’m granting your request.”

“You are going to let him rape me?”  she asked struggling to get free.

“Yes. Micheal has a tendency to  get rough.” Juan explained.

“You are serious!?”  Maria gasped. I looked at Jake. He was watching the scene in front of us. His jaw tense, eye narrowed.

We both heard a slap of skin on skin. Juan had gotten up, and by the redness growing on Maria’s face, he slapped her. “Shut up already.”

Fear replaced my desire for sex. These two men planned to rape her. “Oh, baby not so hard.” Maria said, “I don’t want any  bruises.”

“Oh, god, Juan, my cock needs attention now.” Micheal yanked her, so she was bent face level with his bobbing dick. He continued to hold a fist of her hair.

Juan unzipped his pants and released his swollen dick. “Get over here bitch and suck my cock.” He nodded to Micheal.

“Ok, don’t hurt me.” Maria pleaded. Were we going to allow this? I watched as Micheal stroked himself. Something was off about this scenario. I nudged Jake. He leaned in close to my  ear, “they’re pretending…”

I looked at him questioningly. He nodded confirming what I heard him say. Pretending? This girl wanted to pretend to be raped? I felt sick to my stomach.  I looked back to the trio, Maria gagged as her boyfriend forced his cock down her throat.

“Take it all, every inch,” he demanded. “You have been asking for this.” He pulled out, and she took him back in. Micheal moved her mini skirt up and slid her thong down her legs. She stepped out of it.

He positioned himself behind her then guided his cock into her. His eyes closed, a look of pleasure crossed his face. Maria moaned as he pushed in and out of her.

Juan pulled out her mouth,  “What are you doing?” she asked as Juan pulled the chair to her.

“Lean on the chair for support. You are going to need it.” She did as he told her. He stood next to Micheal, held his dick and forced it into her ass.

“Stop Juan, I didn’t say this was okay,” Maria moaned. She tried to stand, move to disengage him.  But he grabbed her hips and forced himself deeper into her.  “Stop, please! Juan, It hurts…”

“Shut up bitch, and take it. This is what you begged for.” Micheal entered her as Juan pulled out. They continued penetrating her, what seemed like against her will. As tears fell from her eyes, and whimpers escaped her mouth,  the sound she made excited the men more. They were beating into her one after the other. Over and over again. Almost in unison they each took their last turn in her and pulled out cumming onto her ass.

Juan yanked her by her hair to face him. “Remember you asked for this.”

Her eyes swollen from tears, she looked at him fiercely. She grabbed a fist of his hair and pulled him down to kiss him. “I never thought you would do it. Thank you.”

That was it!  “Are you fucking kidding me!?” I stood up, my knees killing me.  Both men turned hurrying to put away their dicks. Maria’s eyes round in surprise.  “I didn’t know whether to call 911 or what!” I  said throwing my arms out.

“Who the hell are you?”  Micheal sneered. “you’re not supposed to be back here.”

“Neither are you!” I countered.

“I manage this place.” He stated. I looked down at Jake. Now we were surprised. The manager of this establishment just roled played a rape fantasy. I shivered.  Jake slowly got up.

“We had a fucking audience,” Juan said. Maria blushed when she saw Jake.

“Sorry, uh, we were just leaving,”  Jake said taking me by my elbow and guiding me to the door. He hurried us out of their before more could be said.  The trio watched as we left. Once in the hall, I jerked away from Jake’s hold.

“I’m outta here…”

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