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Doing this was Becky Haute’s only option for the time being.  In a few months, she would be graduating from high school. But she couldn’t wait, her body couldn’t  wait, she needed to learn how to satisfy herself. Take care of those urges that tingled through her while watching R-rated and M-Rate movies and series.

She searched the internet for information on how to have an orgasm. Suggestions on sex toys, lubricants, vibrators and her own fingers, were part of her search protocol. She didn’t have the money to purchase toys and tried to make herself cum with her fingers and imagination. It just wasn’t working. She was so frustrated, to almost peak,  to release, and have the urge disappear. She sometimes cried because she wanted to know how it felt and couldn’t achieve the pleasure so close to her grasp.

One day as she searched for other methods to please herself,  she came across a site that suggested intimate, safe companionship.  She signed up and read some of the profiles. One caught her eye. A young man wanted, what he called, an ‘online girlfriend with a need to be satisfied.’  Sounded exciting and she fit the description.

Several messages passed between them. Becky learned he was eighteen too. Single, 6’ tall, 175 lbs, brown hair and green eyes. Feeling for comfortable with each other and dying to see he look like, exchanged photos of each other. Once Becky received the picture of the boy that calls himself, Massive, she thought he was super good-looking. She couldn’t believe this guy couldn’t find a girl in the flesh.

They still had not exchange real names. Yet. Massive told Becky where he lived, but she didn’t tell him her town’s name. And according to the map, he was about an hour or so away if he were telling the truth.

Massive asked if she felt they could start talking live online.  She agreed. They made a date for today. Both of her parents were at work, so she didn’t have to be concerned about being overheard.

Becky was homeschooled.  Her parents didn’t like the high school in their town. A  few students had almost died from drug overdoses.  Also, one student committed suicide, and another tried.  The town had trouble with gangs, depression, and drugs. So, they decided it was best for Becky to be homeschooled. She was enrolled in an online high school program.

Becky didn’t have many friends except those in the neighborhood. One to be exact. Amber Scott.  She too was being homeschooled.

When the girls got together, they would discuss boys.   Amber shared her sexual experiences with Becky. She described her first intimate encounter.  Amber had visited her father over the summer. She and her step-brother Vince teased each other a lot at first.  She was very attracted to him. One night he visited her room and got in bed with her. They were making out. His hands roamed all over her body. When he rolled on top of her, she was surprised by something hard poking into her.

It felt good. Amber explained she wanted him deep inside her. She said her step-brother pulled her panties off and put his cock near her pussy. He pressed it into her hole. She said it hurt at first, but when he managed to get all of him inside her and started moving in and out of her, she said it was better than chocolate. Since then Amber has made every opportunity to visit her family just to fuck her step-brother.

When Amber was telling Becky about it, Becky became so aroused. She thought maybe if she could picture and pretend to feel what her friend Amber had described, just perhaps she could achieve an orgasm. Each time Becky tried, she got right to the cusp only to have it the urge vanish.

So here she was, ready to talk with a real guy online. They agreed it would be only voice chat today. They would see how they felt about video chat later.

What do I say? She put her laptop on the table next to her bed. She sat naked on her bed. Butterflies filled her stomach. He is going to pop in any second. Was she ready? Was this the only way? Too late to contemplate that, a chime signaled he was in the chat room.


Massive: Hi, I’m glad you wanted to hook up with me.

Willow: I’ve never done anything like this before.

Massive: My first time too.  We’ll take it slow. Don’t worry.

Willow: Thank you. You have my online phone info right?

Massive: Yep. Calling you now.

Becky shivered with excitement. She could feel the pounding of her heart against her chest. Taking deep breaths and clearing her throat she answered the call.

“Hi, it’s me. Willow.”  She began.

“I know that is not your real name.” Massive said. He voice was deep, he sounded older. A warning shot fired across her brain.

“No, it’s not.” She said cautiously, “how old are you again?”   She asked lightly. Having doubts, she needed to ask. If she had to, she would nip this in the bud. She wasn’t going to have verbal sex with an old man.

“I told you. I’m eighteen.” He said smoothly.

She wanted to believe him. She wanted to see him. His pictures could easily be someone elses, a fake. Her heart now pounded in her head. If he showed himself and he was older, what was she going to do?

“Are you still there?”

“Yes,”  Becky said quietly.

“Is something wrong?”

She cleared her throat. “Um.  Um.” Her hands shook slightly.  “It’s just you sound so much older than eighteen.” She said flatly.

“Do I?  Well, I’m not.” He paused. “You have a very sexy voice.”

Becky’s body betrayed her. Moisture gushed out of her. “Um. Thank you?”

He quietly laughed under his breath, “Your voice sounds as pretty as your picture. You are hot. Did you know that?

“No.” She said quietly. “You’re picture is hot too.” She added shyly.

“You think so? Good.’ He sighed,  “At least we both think each other is hot.” He paused again, then asked softly, “Can you get past my voice? Because I’d like to tell you all the things I’d like to do to you.”

“Oh.” She said breathlessly,  “I think so.”

“Uh, I’m  holding my cock right now. Stroking it. I want to make love to you.”

“Make love?”

“Would you prefer I say I wanted to fuck you?”

She did prefer that. Blood rushed to her pussy as he said the word fuck. “Uh, yes.”

He cleared his throat and asked, “Are you touching yourself too?”


“Do you want to?”


“What are you wearing Willow?”

Nothing?” She was shy about answering his questions.

“Ah, that sounds good. Can you hear me stroking myself?”

“Yes.” Becky moved her hand down to her clit. “Ah.” she gasped.

“You just  touched yourself didn’t you?”  She could hear the sound of his hand moving over his cock.

“Yes.” She breathed, “Yes.”

“How do you feel?”

She was embarrassed to explain how fucking turned on she was.  She kept rubbing her clit. Her hips gyrating against her finger.

“Please tell me, baby, I need to know what you are feeling.”

He called her baby. That was so intimate.  And it felt so right.

“I-I’m laying on the bed.  My finger is rubbing my, ah,” Becky breathed in a little quickly, “clit.”

“Oh, baby, you are going to be an excellent fuck. Tell me more.”

“Oh, with my other hand, I’m massaging my breast. Ah,”  The heat was building in her. Her hips moved up and down. She could imagine his hand beating quickly up and down his cock. She could hear the stickiness of the lube with each beat, stroke, and pump. She could see him, laying back on his bed, his dick hard, his hand stroking faster and faster. He lay with his mouth slightly open, panting hard. He was concentrating on the image of her, fucking her, his eyes closed. Stroking in and out of her.

“Go on my tight little girl. Tell me you can feel me in you.”

She ran her fingers over her wet hole then plunged two in thrusting her hips up in excitement. Her fingers began to move in and out of her.

“Oh, you’re in me.” She panted,  “My fingers are your cock. Uh, I need to cum.”

“We’re almost there baby. It’s my turn.”

“Make me cum Massive.” Becky breathed. “I’ve never experienced it. I’m so close.”

“I’m there with you, sucking your nipple. Gently biting your bud with my teeth.  Uh, my cock anxious to fill you. It’s throbbing. It wants to be in your warm pussy.  I move on top you. Oh, you spread your sweet soft legs for me.”

She could hear him beating faster. His breath coming in pants. “Oh, keep talking, p-l-e-a-s-e, tell me how you are fucking me. Now.”

“Oh, baby, I getting ready to cum.  I-I’m  positioning my cock at your slick juicy hole.  Oh, god, I’m pushing into you. Beg me, beg.”

“Stick it in. Come on, don’t tease me. I want to feel you.”  Becky moaned longingly.

“I’m  pushing into you. Oh, fuck, you are so tight.  So small. I’m huge.  I’m filling you. In and out,  I’m halfway in. “ His breathed erratically, “Scream for me. Come on. Scream for me!”  He begged and let out groans of satisfaction.

She could fill the muscles of her walls tighten and a rush of warmth spread through her. She yelled out in ecstasy, over and over again.


More too come….

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