What’s Your Desire?


© 2017 by Akayla Furrows.  All Rights Reserved.

She whispered softly in his ear. Her breath warm and caressing, “Love, tell me what you desire?”

He closed his eyes, took in her sweet musky scent. Images played out in his mind. His ‘desires’ were dangerous, kinky, scenes with multiple women allowing him to do as he pleased. He wanted to experiment with the feel of each cunt as it squeezed his cock. He wanted to taste the difference, smell, compare each woman. She was not enough for him. No one woman was. His cock demanded variety, as well as his mouth.

There was only one way this woman might satisfy him tonight.  He moved so quickly fisting her long blonde hair and shoving her up against the wall roughly. “Listen, bitch. I have a question for you.” He grabbed her face with the other hand, then licked chin, cheek to ear and whispered. “Do you want me to cum?”

He held her tightly. Maybe she would bruise, he didn’t care. His cock was full, hard and wanted attention. But not the kind of attention little boys wanted. He pressed against her hard, “Answer me. Do you want to make me cum?”

The beautiful woman nodded, her eyes moist from pain. “Good. I have a couple of men outside. They are going to fuck you. Not me. You couldn’t get me off by yourself, cunt,” he hissed in her ear. “Do you have a problem with that? I want to see them rape you.” Her eyes widened in fear.

He loved doing this to women. Word had gotten around at clubs he was wealthy and a brutal fuck.  Women wanted it.  So he enjoyed giving it to them in spades. Clients were not allowed to disclose what fantasy he provided for them. Just that if they enjoyed it, they could recommend him.  This time he chose to administer an experience of being raped.  The fear, the brutality of it. A pseudo-rape paid for by the women he held against the wall.

His dark eyes narrowed seeing the fear in hers. Blood pounded and pumped throughout his hard cock. He hadn’t done this fantasy before. He blinked trying to focus, “You can scream as loud as you want,” He shoved his body against her, “there is no one around to save you. I hope you are not particularly fond of your clothes?” He growled and grabbed the collar of her dress and ripped it down to her hips. She was braless.

He grabbed her wrists and held them against the wall with one hand. Looking at the huge, hard fake tits, he leaned down and bit one. She yelled out in pain. Then he sucked on it enjoying the hard nipple against his tongue. He knew he had to stop or his cock would be in her so fast. So he stepped back and slapped her. Black tears ran down her face. Not so pretty now, he thought.

He stepped away to exam her. “Don’t!” he yelled as she tried to cover herself. “Don’t you fucking dare.” She stood there leaning against the wall, dress ripped and streaks of black down her cheeks.  She shivered but said nothing.


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