Mending Hearts: A Dark Second Chance Romance

I wanted to post my friend’s novel.  She writes erotica novels and I write titillating short stories. Excellent book! Filled with mystery, sadism, suspense and of course, romance.  For those of you that want a Happily Ever After (HEA) this is the book for you!  I will be doing a book review shortly both on Amazon and here.  The book is a FIVE star read!

Now available on Amazon! Mending Hearts by Shauna Marie

A little about Mending Hearts: A Dark Second Chance Romance

Five years ago, I watched as Cade Johnston, the man who owns my heart, said “I Do” to another woman. He left me with the best part of him. Now he wants me back. I loved him once, he devastated my world, annihilating my heart. Can I do it again?

Sophia Morgan is the love of my life, there were things she didn’t know. I am finally free of the past that haunted me. Free to love her the way she deserves, and I will do anything to make that happen. Can our love survive the tragedies, the betrayal, the lies and the deceit? It all has to come to an end in order for us to Mend Our Broken Hearts.

He will not win. He cannot have her back, she is mine, he was too much of a pussy to own her the first time. I will not make the same mistake. There will be hell to pay for the betrayal. She thinks I’m soft, she’s about to learn what kind of monster lurks within.


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