Book Review: Mending Hearts by Shauna Marie

Available now on Amazon

I read Mending Hearts in two nights. Very late nights. Got to a point, well, I had to turn to my husband and …. I’m not telling…..

Anyway, no spoilers here. Safe to read. I hate it when there is no warning and whoops – the big giveaway. Not here.

Oh, god, where to start…? Okay, Cade and Sophia have a, well, very tragic love story. Suggestion – Get out a box, a BOX, of Kleenex for this one.  Mending Hearts will have you bawling in some scenes, surprised in others and like, WTF! In a few. The author, Shauna Marie weaves the fight for love in this erotic romance beautifully. Reads so well, I read some parts to hubby 😉  To say the least, he even approved. Melted our sheets – LOL!

So if you are looking for a dark erotic romance story, with titillating sex-athon scenes, you’ll definitely enjoy this story in more ways and than one.

Can’t wait to see what erotic darkness Shauna Marie serves up next!  Oh, if you are a fan of Mia Ford or Willow Winters, this is a gotta read story for you!


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