Here is a quick update of what I”m working on and how things have drastically changed. Testing Boundaries was, at first, intended to be a short story, with part one and part two, together about 10,000 words or so…

As you know when writing stories, characters tend to get a little pissy.  I have a headache from their quibbling and occasionally to the out and out shouting matches. Currently, they are living in my head each trying to outshout the other with tidbits of gossip, lies, secrets, and betrayals. I say the juiciest of information always wins.

So, these girls: The Instigator, The Referee, The Bitch, and Beth are now relaying fascinating details and incidents I wasn’t even aware. Wow, imagine that…  So a 10,000 word short has morphed into well over 20,000, and I’m not finished yet.

LIPS and DICK will be sold under the New Adult category.  Oh, there is sex, but more so there is a real love story, an HEA.  I’ll continue to keep you posted and possibly upload a sneak peek or two for your enjoyment.

Akayla Furrows  IntialLogoAF



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