Book Review: THE PROMISE

Available Now on Amazon: The Promise

This one has it all. It begins sweet. All roses, hearts and unicorns, we learn the story of Jude and Jenni’s secret erotic desires for each other. But soon after, hold on to your seats, SHTF! That sweet love story turns into a violent darkness of mammoth proportions…. With one not knowing what the other is thinking, their ‘Promise’ to each other begins to waver… Keeping promises is not easy when a blast from the past knocks Jude sideways and sends Jenni running for her life. Suspicions, lies, and misunderstandings have both Jude and Jenni fighting to remember their Promise.

This is the author of Mending Hearts, she delivered then and has published this whopper now. This is another fantastic story was written by Shauna Marie. If you’ve read Mending Hearts, then you know…. The sex scenes are incredibly sensuous, the darkness is incredibly dark. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Promise Book one with free for ku added


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