Cinders & Shards by Chandra Laraine


Cinders & Shards

I’m so proud of my friend Chandra Laraine. Finally, after working so hard, she has published her first book!  Below is a little about the book! Enjoy!
Reader beware, this is a quick, psychologically dark and dirty modern retelling of the Cinderella you know. When Cinders’ father has a stroke, her bright and shining world is tipped on its side. She tries to find evidence to support her gut instincts. But can she prove her stepmother, who has only shown her love and kindness till now, was really the cause of her father’s stroke and her subsequent sudden fall from grace?

They say some secrets are best left buried.

For Cinders, she wishes she could bury the things she’s done to survive. Being raised around a BDSM lifestyle taught her many lessons which are now put to the test. As a submissive, she knows she has the ultimate power, but living with a Domme bent on full control will test old boundaries and open new pleasures of the flesh. How could any man love what she has become?

Can a young woman on the brink of darkness find happiness in the light?

Will she ever find someone who can look past the hollow shell she has become and free the beautiful, vibrant woman inside? Or will her life continue as a cruel fairytale with no happy ending in sight?


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