The Parking Space

Can a stolen parking space, a punch in the face, and a wild birthday party lead a couple to romantic bliss?

Beth and Jake meet and slug it out over a parking space. Little did the other know the two were attending the same birthday party. Sparks fly and hilarious disaster supervene.

Jake is fascinated and intrigued by the petite power powerhouse he calls Lips. And Beth is … well, Beth holds tight to a secret. A very dark secret that prevents her from entertaining serious relationships. And much to her annoyance, the man she calls Dick doesn’t take no for an answer – nor does her body.

Will he persist? Her body tells him to continue, but her lips tell him otherwise. Fate has a way of bringing people together even when their least desirable characteristics are introduced first.

This is a spicy romantic comedy with lots of snarky dialogue, unhinged desire and some very steamy moments. The Parking Space is geared toward New Adult & College students. Content contains some very naughty words.

The Parking Space is now available in audio. It’s in  Kindle Unlimited at  Amazon link

Audible link:



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