I’m Akayla Furrows. Thank you so much for visiting.  I’ve recently decided to write on the wild side. I’m like most girls. I like to go out with my friends; happy hour is my favorite.  Red wine and Martini’s (Shaken, please, not stirred – seriously!) drinks of choice.  And Belly dancing has become my go to exercise.  Talk about an intense workout, not to mention very sexual.

My favorite place to write is, or I should say, think about what I’d like to write or how my current story may progress is at the beach.  Sunset particularly, couples tend to come out then. I watch them and make up sizzling stories of what they will do once they get to somewhere private. Oh, the dark places in my mind! Oo-La-La!

So My goal here is to provide you with short steamy stories engorged with titillating details that will leave you satisfied in more ways than one. Please enjoy and come back for more!