A little about Titillating Short Stories website and what you can expect.  Warning: It gets dirty here. Filthy. Explicit. Really smutty.

On this site, I put up scenes from short stories I’m currently working on. Once I’ve completed the story, I take down the scenes.  Then I post a link to my book when it goes live on Amazon.  My short story books participate in the Kindle Unlimited program.  If you’re a member, enjoy!

*****This is important to remember. I put up original first draft scenes, unedited nor revised. The scenes go up ‘as-is’. I’d like to get feedback regarding the ‘content’ – where the story may go – has it captured your interest? Etc.  Not grammar and spelling – that is what an editor will do. I’m strictly about the story and where it is going.

I may put up several scenes of a story I’m working on, so you get an idea of where the story is headed. So, please enjoy.

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Enjoy the samples I post, likes are appreciated and so is feedback! Thanks!

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