Akayla Furrows

Hi, I’m Akayla Furrow and I do love writing comedic erotic romance.  I lovingly refer to as giggle smut. The market has evolved to those who enjoy short stories, with quick results.  In many of my short stories, you will find humorous banter, situations, and characters. Who doesn’t like a tickle when enjoying, um, oneself?

Oh, I have two wonderful dogs, a standard poodle, and a crippled chihuahua. They keep me company when hubby is working long hours. My chihuahua enjoys sharing my chair while I write, a little snuggler she is.  While, on the other hand,  my standard poodle is in and out of the house all day,  bantering the neighbor’s roosters on the side of the fence.  Thank god the neighbors understand it’s a love-hate relationship between the two.

I’m an avid reader of  many genres, from fictional to fiction. And let me tell you, Kindle Unlimited has saved my ‘butt’ a poop load of money.  All of my books participate in Kindle Unlimited.  I describe Kindle Unlimited as the best idea since…well…women’s vibrators.

On my website, I tend to make several scenes available to readers… Please stop by and take a peek.   My website is Titillating Sneak Peeks at akaylafurrow.com.

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