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Begging Becky

BeggingBeckyCover         Online dating sites can be a fun way to meet potential ‘friends’. At least Becky thought so. Young, beautiful and sexy, she was desperate. Not the best state of mind to make decisions, especially naughty ones.
Becky, when searching for a solution to her personal problem, came across an advertisement on the Internet explaining a quick fix. Would ‘Massive’ live up to his screen name? More importantly, is Massive really who he says he is? An intriguing journey into a sexy internet relationship.

TPSLegscover The Parking Space 

Can a stolen parking space, a punch in the face, and a wild birthday party lead a couple to romantic bliss?

Beth and Jake meet and slug it out over a parking space. Little did the other know the two were attending the same birthday party. Sparks fly and hilarious disaster supervene.

Jake is fascinated and intrigued by the petite powerhouse he calls Lips. And Beth is … well, Beth holds tight to a secret. A very dark secret that prevents her from entertaining serious relationships. And much to her annoyance, the man she calls Dick doesn’t take no for an answer – nor does her body.

Will he persist? Her body tells him to continue, but her lips tell him otherwise. Fate has a way of bringing people together even when their least desirable characteristics are introduced first.


Temporarily Replaced

image030   Emma, a smart businesswoman, employed to place temporary workers on assignments, suspects her husband’s sudden change in office hours to a case of forbidden sexual encounters. His long hours, no interest in foreplay, much less sex, give Emma no choice; She must take the plunge and find out the cause of what is keeping her husband working so hard.
Nothing Emma could have imagined would have prepared her for this. Or how she felt about it.

Join Emma in her quest to find a suitable solution to her husband’s problem.


image020    PayBack Hell, Baby

A bachelor party, married men, alcohol, horny single men, more alcohol, strippers, very nasty movies, loose women and did I mention the smell of cheap perfume, grunts, groans and moans of sex in every room. What can a married man do?  Well, can’t NOT have sex… We all know how this party ends.

Hangover, a guilty conscience, and a seven-year itch that’s just been scratched, confession time. Oh, baby, bad move, boy.

Don’t ever mess with an already neglected woman who’s just been cheated on. And god help you if she has a BFF like Jetta!


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