What’s Your Desire?

DISCLAIMER: ADULT CONTENT: 18+ © 2017 by Akayla Furrows.  All Rights Reserved. She whispered softly in his ear. Her breath warm and caressing, “Love, tell me what you desire?” He closed his eyes, took in her sweet musky scent. Images played out in his mind. His ‘desires’ were dangerous, kinky, scenes with multiple women allowing…


DISCLAIMER: ADULT CONTENT: 18+ © Copyright 2017 by Akayla Furrows. All Rights Reserved. CABIN: SARA Ronov carried me through the game trail, now becoming worn from continuous use. My skin chilled with goosebumps from the cold rain and wind.  Up here in the Northwest, there is no such thing as a warm rain even in…

One Sexy Man: CHANGING HIS HEART, Sneak Peek

“What is so unbelievable?” Professor Petrick asked standing feet from the other assistants and me. Awkwardness flowed through me, sending me back to grade school when classroom presentations made me feel like I was going to be sick. I wished he would take off those dark aviator glasses, because goosebumps were prickling up on my skin from the unforeseen stare directed, I know, at me. This was it, he was probably going to send me packing.

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